An off, toned down convo with another friend and I

This is pretty much verbatim a convo I had awith a friend . The insults here are not meant to target anyone just to pick at and annoy my friend and vice versa. There were no human beings harmed in this convo


Hey Man

What’s good homey

Same ole same ole, ….. you know same shit different day, What bout you, what you up to

Man, I don’t even know, I wake up and go through the day  and find myself here

Shit thats depressing

You do the same thing fucker… You want me to believe you like working 12 hours a day  and come home to that fruity smelling lotion shit and take out

Cutting deep man … yeah that’s all of us though I don’t know a happy person, or someone who is actually cool and content

Happiness doesnt exist …well if it does it exist in 2 place … .

Here it comes,  another one of your crazy fucking analogies…

It not so crazy, I was gonna say first in your momz bed, but then I realize she is under my call  and she come here now, and I would say number 2 place is in terrible cases of schizophrenia..

(laughing)  You always go for the mom joke

Yeah its a cornerstone of my spiritual practice… you wanna sit down for a bit chit chat ?… I’ll get you something

You sure? …. how bout and iced coffee

Iced coffee, you want some whippy cream and a giant hairy sack on top of it, since cherries aintcha thing now?

lol Shut the fuck up dude….  Im boning a hot chick tonight

ah you wanna be awake for it,

Nah I have to sit through the talking first …

Ill supersize that shit then, be right back

Back homey…. here you go… how are you fucking with a hot chick… I expected you be boning fat chicks for a couple more years till you got you got your game up, plus obesity is on the rise … what man they need loving too

Man … you’re a fucking dick

You know that’s how we roll, we insult each other because we are too manly to show love and respect outside insults… Plus i am not gay

Yeah cuz ass-fucking is the ultimate sign of respect

and Self confidence … laughter … I don’t know I made that up.

How are the blogs going?  all of em how many is it now 3

Yeah there going well, its a nice creative time on all three of them

I don’t get you, each one  is really different and yet its all you though, maybe cuz I’ve know you for too lon

Dont get all sentimental on me now

Shut the fuck up  … Why do you do it, and so much, all the jokes aside

Ok I will tell you     <pause>       These  lines are about 800 years old:

begs the pearl to break its shell.

And the lily, how passionately
it needs some wild darling!

Not only do we need to be recognized for our uniqueness and individuality, we also need to do the same for others. Only then do we make ways to approach not only satiety and but also a sense of completion. For the longest time in a nutshell this was lost on me, I searched for meaning in life by looking for what lay beyond it, what was beyond the known, what was beyond what I knew or could read. I went into science, i traveled a bit in a world a lot in the mind, and then your moms took a likening to me and made me appreciate the Now… Did you know she has dentures….

Fuck you man, You cant be serious for too long can’t ya?

I can but for that kind of serious there is only the language of silence , words are only a bad elaboration

Now Your getting deep on me…. I am not sure which version of you I find more disconcerting the serious philosophical one or the perverted joke one or

The version that’s gonna get some iced coffee for your moms tonight

Seriously man its not funny any more…. (pause) … (laughing)…

I thought you’d like how I tied it all together

Fuck you…


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