The Cowboy from the Village People, Baudrillard, Twitter and some Sexy Rumpus

I was joking around with some friends after drink a lot of beer, Leffe Blonde. In the course of our drunken conversation, I cant remember what it was about, someone said  big Brother is Watching. I said he doesn’t have to anymore. Then when asked why I said that we do it for Big Brother.

What Does That Mean?

Everywhere I go in the city I see people taking pictures in the locker room of the gym which kind of funny, at the movies at Broadway, at the Statue of Liberty, at sunking donuts etc. If you think about it now that ipads, Ipods, Iphone, Istupidshit and a plethora of other technology have picture taking capabilities, and the databasing and datawarehousing, its quite easy to imagine that We are spying on each other without even knowing it. When there is an event going on,and thousands of people are presents, each taking pictures and uploading to Twitter or a host of other social media site.

It is quite easy to hack or if one is the government get those images from Twitter and then create almost as close to a real time image of whats going on who is there who isnt there, what lookings suspicious. Combine this with the technology alreayd used by the security, one can have a power way of isolating  trouble before it brew into a serious life-threatening situation.

This is great for this War on Terror or whatever other war we are engage in at the time but, what is interesting to me is that we the population of consumers who are called to buy new technology more and more are effectively really spying on each other inadvertently. I am not  a great programmer, but I can imagine interfacing with Twitter using the twitter API doing a scan for hot or keywords or whats trending, or do a search for  GPS coordinations or locations with activity  using, this sounds like a great us of Perl KML module and Regex searches. Then I can access the pictures us it to enrich my timeline activities that … well I will stop there. I dont wanna to do like those similuation news shows and spell it out for everyone

But There is something worse 

Culturally there is a ramification that to me is worse than inadvertent spying. Whats that MrMary  you say. Well my dears check this out from the AMNY newspaper interview with Randy Jones, 59, is the original cowboy in The Village People on the 5/6/2012 issue:

Randy Jones, Village People cowboy on NYC’s nightlife evolution

Q. How has New York City nightlife changed since the disco era? 

A. We were the last generation able to truly live in the moment. We didn’t have voice mail and cell phones and were the last generation unburdened by the constant demands of technology. When we went out to dance, we were dancing. We weren’t taking a photo or a video of it – we were having the actual experience. (Young people today) are distracted from actually living the moments in their lives. I don’t know if people have less fun now, but everything they do is distracted. They don’t know what it’s like to not have information shoved at them from the time they wake up to the time they go to bed.

First off the continued presence of disco isn’t the bad thing I was referring to. I was referring to the  being burden by the constant demands of technology to the extent that the simulacra of an experience is what is lauded not the experience itself. Jean baudrillard one of philosophers who aside from Bozo the Clown exerted a grand ingluence on my thinking opened up his book Simulacr and simulation with the Words:

The simulacrum is never that which conceals the truth–it is the truth which conceals that there is none. The simulacrum is true

Keys to MrMary’s style of Satire

Simply put if we are stopping the experience to take pictures of it, to memorializing it  and in doing so add to the already infinitessimal deluge of information we are receiving from morning to night to what extent are we truly participating?  One of the keys to my style of satire here on the blog is to take the logic of something we all are cool with like snapping photos outside and posting online or  all that stuff and apply it to another realm of human endeavor that while being comical makes us think about the faultiness or truthiness of that species of logical thinking.

Sexy Rumpus

I would sketch out something similar to the following scene. So then imagine you are with someone you love you have the hots for, this person takes the wrinkles of your carpet, they get the meat and two veg cooking. Through some weird act of fate its you and this person about to get some sexy rumpus on, in the variety of various acts that you don’t want the world you got practice in or you dont want your homies to know you do, and in the middle of chocking on it, sitting on it, driving on it, swimming in it, you get ur picture taken and before you know it  you the celebrity pirate whore of the month (Pirate whore can be both male or female, pirates arent picky a whole is a whole as long as their some heat in it).

In the middle of that something is lost. The deeper connection that makes sex worthwhile, well to me, is lost, the sanctity of the moment is gone. One isn’t really participating in the sexy rumpus anymore, the moment the picture is taken and upload the generative and amorous become a commodity to be bought and sold, your consolation is the celebrity and attention that comes with the fictitious title of pirate whore

Well this was my drunken musing, I though I would share. Please what what you think, are we a society  that can really experience and enjoy can we live in the moment even if that moments involved hard bare back riding, butt sex. (Sorry had to be superbly immature once  in this post)

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