Someone One-upped me in my Analysis of the North Carolina ban on SSM

I was so closed in my two Part Analysis. I felt that for a bunch of people who have no qualms about fucking their sisters/brothers/ family members I am shocked that they would be so against SSM (same-sex marriage). One person went one step further:

My Initial Reaction (In MY head)

1st thought

What did that dumb-ass mutha-fucker Rick Santorum say again:

President Obama wants everybody in America to go to college. What a snob … Oh, I understand why he wants you to go to college. He wants to remake you in his image.” –Rick Santorum, speaking to a Tea Party group in Michigan (February 2012)

2nd Thought (Uncensored vitriol..please excuse)

I knew those @$%&*! were dumb as fuck. It seems that centuries of wearing overalls, inbreeding, eat gits, walking without shoes, trailer living have made the South America’s fetid backwater genetic cesspool. It seems that the industrial revolution may have spilled some battery acid in that pool too.

Southerner are stuck in the past about 200 years back and looking how they dress in the tattered robes, live in hollowed out caves, sleep on flea and dirt ridden floors and have an obsession with long hair sandals, and killing innocent people its obvious that they want to go even further back to biblical times .

3rd thought

I didn’t know I muttered all that out loud at my computer while making the stereotypical hand gestures that force cops beat down Negros

Disclaimer: I don’t believe all southerners are bad or inbreed just most. There are good southerners out there somewhere and I salute you!!!
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One comment

  1. Santorum…..his people say he wears vests because sleeves slow him down.
    My people say it’s not the sleeves that slow him down, it’s the fact that he’s a dumb-fuck.

    Nice third thought haha.


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