My Take on Tolerance in light of some Bullshit on the Train & Facebook

I was on the train today and got accosted with a heavy amount of intolerant  bullshit. There were people griping about Obama statement that same sex marriages, there were people gripping about Muslims who want to kill Americans and destroy our country. there were some gripping about how the Knicks loss to the heat.

The Knicks do suck, but this kind of intolerance is intolerable to MrMary. It got way over the limit of what I could stand when on of this religious freaks came on and started talking about Jesus and the Second Coming and, quotes from the book of revelation. This was more than I could bear to be honest. I grinned and turned on my Mp3 player and upped the volume and  perhaps blew out my ear drum.

I thought I would share with you my take on tolerance.  I have been encouraged and prompted in the past by both bloggers the stunningly incandescent Muse and the sophisticated Suzanita to share more of myself, the dude that animates the MrMary persona you have all come to love, and hopefully think about late at night when no one is at home and your favorite sex-related accoutrement is within grasp.

My Take on Tolerance and People

I’ve never met someone I didn’t learn something from, albeit positive or negative. To me people are people: we are sometimes brutal in how we treat each other, we are something angelic in how we care for others too. To see a parent with their children, or two people in love, or someone who just suffered the loss of a loved one is a powerful image. It brings me back to a share place of connection beyond adjectives.

What a piece of work is a man, How noble in
Reason, how infinite in faculties, in form and moving
how express and admirable, In action how like an Angel!
in apprehension how like a god, the beauty of the
world, the paragon of animals. and yet to me, what is
this quintessence of dust?

– Hamlet….

How someone chooses to live their life is there own business. I have no right to exclude someone from anything because he is Black or White or gay or Hispanic or Asian, a women or a midget. I think if you do that your worse than an animal.  Animals don’t say things like for example:

That other cat is striped and prefers Turkey and Giblets instead of tuna fuck him/her.

That bitch got a fat ass I just wanna put my nose in it , but she is black/brown I won’t let her enter  the gym, Imma  stand at the entrance and bark at her so she cant use the stair master and do lunges etc

If there personality click they will play with each other , then if things are right they will play with each other (see what I did there).

MrMary on Same Sex Marriage

Why cant two guys or two girls get married ? A loving relationship is a loving relationship. I don’t see why one should hide anything about oneself to appease a bunch of socially-retarded cock suckers. it’s not a good feeling to feel excluded and chastised for something you have no power over changing.  Like most lesbians I love chicks, like a lot of gay dudes I like to work out and take my shirt off and dance after 10  shots of whatever. We all have a lot more in common than we think, our differences should not divide us.

What I am saying is just because  my idea of a good time isn’t going to an all the dick you can eat buffet, doesn’t mean we cannot talk rationally and it doesn’t mean I should vote to deny you the right for you and your partner of 10 years to pig out at RawHide. I really think  the Bible and all that talk is used as a blanket excuse to be  a closed-minded bigot.

MrMary On Religion

Holy Shit!!

Just a silly pic I decided to put here

Whether someone is an atheist or a theist, life is still a mystery. We all have to answer the question what am I doing here, we all have to find meaning in our relationships, in our work, in our quiet time alone. To some people  religion fits in nicely it helps them appreciate life and each other. For others they are atheist and that helps them find meaning in life, in the power of choice, in the chance to live completely in the moment. Some people find meaning in believing in God but not within the framework of a hierarchical religion. Its as simple as that.

I never discuss what I believe in or don’t nor do I ask people what they follow. I am so secure in what I believe I do not need to go on a campaign to tell other people they are wrong, or misguided in their belief system. However that doesn’t mean I turn a blind eye to the injustices perpetrated in the name of religion, or in the name of the state, or by spineless hypocrites.

Some of my atheist friends spend so much time putting up Facebook updates making fun of religion, calling people who follow dumb.  They are just as bad as the Jehovah’s witness that come to my door selling some ideology.

I feel if you have to campaign what you believe or broadcast it , or force someone to follow it your not really secure in who you  are or what you believe in and are full of shit. Live and let live I feel.

Closed-minded Conclusions

I am definitely not on a high horse here. I am certain I am closed minded, and blinkered and see things a certain way that may not be right. I’m willing to hear anyone out especially if you can point out how I am being a dick or fucking someone else’s shit up. I am definitely not a saint or an outstanding citizen I have pee’d on NYC’s City Hall (That a funny story maybe ill tell it one day), I fucked before I was married, and did everything else that felt right to me to do. I’ve always tried in my fun to not impinge or hurt another’s feelings. Sometimes I such at it sometimes I get it right.

MrMary 3:16  “Pull your thumb out your Ass and Deal with it” .. … “Oh and make sure to wash with an antibacterial soap”


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  1. Great post. Life seems simple when put into these terms. Why can’t so many other people get it? I blame the rednecks.


  2. This post is just another testament as to why I admire you as a writer. Yet another nail hit on the head. You ability to give a perspective with such tact and a good back-hand smack is unmatched.


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