Why did North Carolina Banned Same Sex Marriages (Part 2) The Real Reason Why

the Southern Gentleman by Sam Rapien
DISCLAIMER: The views expressed here are my personal views, if you are a southerner or someone who doesnt like what I say you are invited to leave my page and or aggressively lick my scrotum.

We all know that it not just in the William Faulkner novels that the South is a godless land with no moral compass one only has to drive through the South to see this. Granted it is a place of great history, bigotry, legalized exploitation, subversive racism,  nice state capitals, some of the most corpulent Americans, or people for that manner on the planet. Why is the ban on same sex marriage getting such wide-spread support in the south. I don’t understand how southerners, not all, can be cool with copulating with their fellow siblings and think same sex marriage is wrong. Southerner and sodomy seem to go together like, priest and shattered childhood dreams. Either way, I grappled with this issue all day and at first came up with the  first few hypotheses:

  1. The majority of people there are so fucking fat they have lost any appearance possible way to discern between sexes, aside from the having to lift up a sweaty gut and feel around through the dampness for nubs. Most of the gay people are know are very fit and lead an active full life. Supporting Same sex marriages would be shining a light on the collective loss of discerning secondary characteristics. This would force people to get gym memberships eat right and stop with the bloody sweat tea already
  2. The south needs to hate a group of people and hurl their vitriol at, Native Americans, Blacks, Hispanic Immigrants, LBGT people.  Southerners, not all, can only feel good about themselves when they put other down because they have to live with the fact that they are and represent the collective cultural shadow of the United States.

But none of those theories seemed to satisfy my need to answer the following questions

Why do we pretend to really believe in the sanctity of marriage, and by we I include black folk too. If you look at all the black movies, or Tyler Perry movies you would be convinced that black women and men can’t sustain being together unless, basketball, rampant un-education and habitual drug abuse. The only god damn legitimate black couple is Barack and Michelle. Gingrich gets married every couple of years, Clinton aside from being a former president is a verb: to clinton means to expectorate from the phallus onto a young women’s dress

Why do some people seem to think that because same sex marriage is legalized everyone is going to get one and that will some how makes the country in worse shape morally ? Even if crack, heroin or steroids were legal not everyone would stock up on it like its Costco toilet paper

Why does some one’s personal religious belief  have any bearing on policy for a nation of people who do not share the same belief ? See if you can follow the logic:

According to the precedence set by Archbishop Don Magic Juan ‘s Green is for the Money, Gold is for the Honeys Vol. 1 , i.e save the right hand for pimp slapping ho’s, I jerk off with my left hand. People who jerk off with their right are bastardizing not only the institution of pimp slapping but of jerking off and should have to pay more for Jergens hand lotion, lubricants, tube socks and porno. Coupons for K-Y are automatically invalidated for these right handed jerk-offs

Diving deeper 

Yes that example was a bit over the top, but  on a serious note, ultimately there is no reason justification for intolerance of any sort. I really wished there was some elaborate  complex reason as to why but their isn’t. This is a case of things being just as their appear which is ironically North Carolina state motto Esse quam videri (“To be, rather than to seem”). They would rather be intolerant than appear intolerant.

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  1. Awesome. I’ve been to the Carolinas many times and always managed to confuse people with my opposable thumbs. And yes, people there are very, very fat and dip just about everything in Ranch dressing. The success of Tyler Perry ranks up there with Rosie O’Donnell and Oprah, I just don’t get it. Fortunately for me, all my black friends laughed more at the Friday movies instead of Perry. But then again, smoking weed in the hood is fucking hilarious.


    • The Friday movies I can get down with a little bit but man those Tyler perry Movies like cmon man I dont get that shit either. Yeah man ranch dressing buffets and sweet tea and frying everything if they could fry hope and eat it they would. Smoking in the hood is pretty crazy lol …. that why ive never done it , ive seen the after effects …


  2. 1. I’ve been to the southern states on numerous occasions, usually while visiting family in Florida (which is really just New York Lite). Stopping at anything short of a 5 star restaurant practically guarantees that the menu will have nothing but items that swim in gravy, lard, butter, salt, and bacon. I was once insulted by a waitress for asking that my meal please be vegetarian aka cooked without lard or bacon grease. Apparently wanting to eat scrambled eggs without animal fat is blasphemous to the Nth degree.

    2. The south is in a time warp, and not the fun one from Rocky Horror. Many (not all) southerners still support racial barriers of some kind, look at Hispanic and black people as potential criminals 24/7, and try to make their religion into a “science” by calling evolution “just a theory”. The stupid is strong with these ones, especially the ones in government positions.


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