Why did North Carolina Banned Same Sex Marriages (Part 1) What just happened

the Southern Gentleman by Sam Rapien
DISCLAIMER: The views expressed here are my personal views, if you are a southerner or someone who doesnt like what I say you are invited to leave my page or aggressively lick my scrotum.

The last time North Carolina changed there constitution was in 1875. The constitution was amended to ban interracial marriage. That ban only ended in 1971 about ten years before I was born.  So to understand why  North Carolina  yesterday voted  to amend its constitution  I looked at the past history of north Carolina and drew from my visit there a few years ago, to bring you the secret reason no one wants you to know.

The Amendment

The amendment, which says marriage between a man and a woman is the only legally recognized domestic union in the state, passed by a wide margin. With 95 of 100 counties’ results reported, about 61 percent of votes backed the amendment.

North Carolina law already blocks gay and lesbian couples from marrying, but the state now joins the rest of the Southeast states in adding the prohibition to its constitution.

the Southern Gentleman by Sam Rapien

I was born and raised in NYC and am also black so I am biased towards the southern states, esp the former states of the Confederacy. They are in my mind the old folks in the neighborhood who’s heyday, wealth, social status have long gone but they still desperately cling on the snobbery of the past. Everyone talks about how southern women are classy and the deep sense of chivalry embedded in the social conscious. There is the southern gentleman who talk unintelligibly and aside from sweat tea cannot bring anything to a conversation unless its about grass, heat, old family members  that long gone, and home improvements. The church plays a significant role supposedly in society and in buggery, much in the same way as it did pre and post slavery.

That’s not the entire story

North Carolina voters not only approved a constitutional amendment Tuesday night banning gay marriage, but the measure also goes one step further by not allowing civil unions. From what I have seen the main justification is echoed quite succintly  in the words of Billy Graham the decrepit minister: “At 93, I never thought we would have to debate the definition of marriage. The Bible is clear – God’s definition of marriage is between a man and a woman.” At 93 Billy Graham is as relevant to the national dialogue one just about anything as  Preparation H.

In a country that calls for a clear separation between church and state, Do we not have the mental capacity to think of novel ideas not based on the Bible?  Should we be focused on passing law not based on religion but on the needs of the moment, the current trends of the time ? 

To overturn the amendment approved Tuesday night, the legislature would have to overrule the amendment by a three-fifths vote and get voter approval. The amendment was introduced after Republicans won a majority in both houses of the state legislature in 2010 and from what some random political scientist says “It’s been a pretty easy win in every southern state” What surprises me is that the black folk sided with the republicans on this vote. Of course I don’t mean every single black person did and every single person in N Carolina wants this, 61% of the people voted for the amendment.

But 61% is very significant nonetheless its a statement.

Preview of Part 2

Now that all the information out on the table about Amendment One and how I feel about it. I will endeavor  in part to to tell you the secret reason why  N. Carolina and most southern States love this bill so much. Stay tuned


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  1. It is so surprising that the home state of the fine senator John Edwards would pull some amendment bullshit like this (that’s me lying via type).
    I also just found your blog for the first time (in my life) and am thoroughly happy to have done so 🙂


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