Fat Forecast: 42% of Americans Obese by 2030 and my Sarcastic 10 point Solution



This is an epidemic and as a patriot I am going to do my best to address this issues with my ten point plan. Let me summarize the most important issues now (Taken from here)

About 32 million more Americans will become obese by 2030, upping obesity rates to 42 percent of the U.S. population, according to a new report from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The report also predicts that the proportion of Americans who are severely obese, meaning more than 100 pounds overweight, will reach 11 percent, about double the current rate.

Although recent data suggest that rates of obesity have reached a plateau, current rates of obesity are still alarmingly high. About 34 percent of adults are currently obese, creating a whole host of expensive, chronic health problems, such as cardiovascular disease and diabetes.

1. Date Canadian – Canadiennes are quite funny and cute and have had years of better healthcare than their American Counterparts. They have better eating, and health habits

President Obama wants everybody in America to go to college. What a snob … Oh, I understand why he wants you to go to college. He wants to remake you in his image.”

2. Vote Republican – They will cut all the programs that deliver affordable food to low income families but promote airlifting meals services. That way you don’t have to leave the confines of your estate. You can drive your golf cart to the distal end of your property and eat out, and see what nature looks like because its disappearing like Oxycodon at Rush Limbaugh‘s House. They are working on education cuts first, food comes next alphabetically

3. Vote Democrats – they will come up with good ideas on paper and then use the paper to stop the blooding from the forced Republican anal penetration during those moments where it is required to have a spine or stand for something other than taking pictures of your genitals at the gym.

4. Instead of PE send american children to work at american Factories overseas for 2 months every summer. I propose the Apple Factory as now 1/3 of all elementary students in the US have an Iphone.

5. Legalize and tax pot sales but increase the price of Milk, Cereal, Ramen noodles and chef Boyardee Products

6. Make everyone pay the I’m a Fat Fuck tax whether fat or not cut funds to nursing programs and hospitals. It is prediction that the future rise in obesity will create $550 billion of obesity-related health care costs.

7. Americans don’t read so take the pictures out of cook books and instead use a 1000 words to describe the pictures. After college graduation the average american spends 14 minutes a day reading.

8. Remove all the illegal immigrants from the country who work as farm hands and help pick our produce. Let the produce rot in the fields.

9. Assign seats in restaurant depending on weight. The Lightest people get the best seats, the heaviest people sit on broken lawn chairs next to dumpsters in the back.

10. Start a war against obesity and cut the funding to diabetes/hypertension/heart disease/stroke/ chronic inflammation research and treatment. We can use the current social and moreso legislative war on women as a template for this

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