Addendum to the last post

In my haste to post I ended up posting an old version of the last post The Incredible Hulk, Child Discipline and some thoughts  without

  • The Theme From the Show
  • A  Poem I wrote on the topic that was rejected by a magazine or two but is being reworked

So without Further Ado Theme  & Poem Below


My Only Redemption

Some passions in me
never venture towards
the day’s light…..rather
they hastily linger in
the dank grottoes of night.

There are people
I love
so dearly,
so tenderly,
so from a distance,

people for whom I’d
give up the erudition
and sad memories I
used to keep

the world
from encroaching
on my silence.

But there’s this need to cry,
there’s this need to feel
something other than
numb, and it stifles whatever

levity there is around.

So far no tears have
come despite all the
forced reading of

so far 
there’s hasn’t been
any redemption
for the tough kid I
used to be

I still have hope
one day from beyond the
thick stage curtains he’ll hear me
and smile knowing

it was all worth it

the leather-belt discipline
the disappearing girlfriends
the hungry nights
the oppressed silence
the sightless passions

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