Rhinos, Method Acting & Bludgeoning in Search of Masculinity but not like that

Method Acting

You all know that I love method acting, especially when it comes to playing the more visceral roles, specifically those of animals that can serve as clear, obvious phallic references.

I really had gotten into Stanislavski when I walked in on my parents having coffee from a deep drunken dark rum-induced slumber, a bit more turgid than needed to be. I was able to turn thing around by explaining to them that I had gone full method. I had to run around as a rhino to  be able to get into Berenger’s Final Monologue, and having an erection was the only way to pierce through to the emotional  :

Hélas, je suis un monstre, je suis un monstre. Hélas, jamais je ne deviendrai un rhinocéros, jamais, jamais ! Je ne peux plus changer, je voudrais bien, je voudrais tellement, mais je ne peux pas. Je ne peux plus me voir. J’ai trop honte ! ( Il tourne le dos à la glace. ) Comme je suis laid ! Malheur à celui qui veut conserver son originalité !
( Il a un brusque sursaut. ) Eh bien, tant pis ! Je me défendrai contre tout le monde ! Ma carabine, ma carabine ! ( Il se retourne face au mur du fond où sont fixées les têtes des rhinocéros, tout en criant : ) Contre tout le monde, je me défendrai ! Je suis le dernier homme, je le resterai jusqu’au bout ! Je ne capitule pas !

Side Note About the Play: (skip over this) Over the course of three acts, the inhabitants of a small, provincial French town turn into rhinoceroses; ultimately the only human who does not succumb to this mass metamorphosis is the central character, Bérenger, a flustered everyman figure who is often criticized throughout the play for his drinking and tardiness. The play is often read as a response and criticism to the sudden upsurge of Communism, Fascism and Nazism during the events preceding World War II, and explores the themes of conformity, culture, mass movements, philosophy and morality.

The White Rhino

As I am a consummate profession I continued my research on rhinos and I learned that it’s difficult for the White Rhino to breed in captivity. They will breed once but afterwards if there arent enough males around they wont breed. There has to be competition and the normal aggressive displays of territorial angst that the male gender of many species are known for, when in search of a mate willing to be bludgeoned. This need for territorial angst and posturing is further buttressed by the fact that when the few males in the enclosures are on friendly terms with each other breeding doesn’t takes place.

The Impact (See what I did there)

While its convenient to think that because of our nuclear bombs, striped toothpaste and Ryan Seacrest‘s continued presence on the television that we are in some way extremely sophisticated, or that we have long transcended the trappings of our animal nature, this is clearly not so. Social complexity aside the mass majority of us (myself included) wake up, raise children, shit, eat, release pheromones when excited, communicate through body language, kill other life forms for food, have sex , i.e live like animals.

I have been reading the lovely blog called Raising My Rainbow. For those of you who don’t know Raising My Rainbow is a blog about “the adventures in raising a slightly effeminate, possibly gay, totally fabulous son.” It has really made me think  about what are the qualities/features we define masculinity by? While pondering on this question I happened to read a blog post by ever-alluring daterofboys on sensitive and effeminate boys

Again I grew up really sheltered and really old school and went to an all boys Catholic School where the running and constant joke was about buggery or homosexuality. When I was younger it was very clear how a man should act and look:

    1. You had to work (A dude who doesn’t work isn’t a man)
    2. You had to look after people/things i.e lil sister, house, the car when its double parked, porn stash
    3. You couldn’t cry in front of people, or show any signs of weakness, or inferiority.
    4. You didn’t wear low-rider jeans, plunging V line shirts,  capris, you didn’t talk w/ a lisp, you didn’t wear pink, never had long hair, no piercings, said stuff with your chest out
    5. You had to dress sharp which mean handkerchiefs, collared shirts,  regular shave, nice pairs of leather, shoes, nice belt colored socks, 2 regular suits, church wear, jeans for outings involving nature and repairing and fixing crap around the house work.
    6. One held doors open for ladies and was chivalrous
    7. Had to work out or do some sorta sports to keep in shape
    8. Had to take a punch even if you didnt win a fight

The Reality

As much as I tried to distance myself from certain aspects of my upbringing that’s how I was brought up.  When I am eating in a Chelsea restaurant or eatery and the table behind me has a nice gay couple making out and there is under the table action and I am hearing: “Yes!!!, Yes!!!,…. Wait till we get to my place” it makes me a little uncomfortable. When a 6’4 man with a  bushy beard in  a pink tutu and high heels near Union Sq asks me how to get to Heralds SQ, I am initially all kinds of confused and thrown off but then I get over it Sometimes I clearly don’t have the maturity all the times not to laugh and make a joke out of thing did you know I can mimic voices  and  mannerism (not well of course) enough to make people laugh.

But on a serious note, no one should be discriminated against because of sexual preference. During my younger days anything different was ignore and never mentioned. It kind of makes me feel some what of a dinosaur when friends invited me to LIPS a drag place that some have said:

Review1: Bootties, babes, and boobies are typically the theme of any good Drag show, and Lips followed suit well! Fun will be had by all with the sexy dances by the Ladies, raunchy humor of the MC, and wild energy in the room! All birthday ladies and bachelorettes are called up to the stage for their 15 seconds of fame, or should I say public shame, to snap a photo and receive a brownie. What to be aware of to share with your celebrating party.

Review2: We took mom for her Birthday! WOOT!!  she was not the only one in for a surprise! lol. You have to be a real man to take the flirting from these “women”.  For the “men” like me, just keep in mind its all part of the show. They take all birthday people up on stage, have fun with them, and each get a little bday cake/brownie !! its cute.

For starters I usually give the lady of my interest a brownie for free, charging for a brownie wtf is that ? My female friend and partner in crime MsSexyTime  called me a dinosaur for not going with her to LIPS for the Bitchy Bingo and the show afterwards.

I have had some cool conversation about this and felt why not extend it here to the net to hear what everyone has to say. I  hope to wrap up this series called Bludgeoning in Search of Masculinity but not like that , with an interview with the TheSandyTongue a man’s man.

Stay Tuned !!!


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      • No no! Not at all! Also, straight boys in plunging v-necks is not attractive. I’m all for people wearing what they want, but I don’t want my boyfriend borrowing my sexy-boob-showing-off t-shirts, dammit 😉


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