I got tagged and no not that kind of Tagging and I’m tagging 11 people

MooseLicker - The Boss Mr Papi Chulo

I drank a lot of brandy for Jesus the other night night, and the following dat at lunch took my co-worker out to celebrate the birth of her daughter now that she is back from maternity leave. She still has the glow!!! We went to college together, and we caught up indulged in some beer drinking, and I came back I found that I had been tagged by the author of the Blog Mooselicker aka Mr Papi Chulo.

Side Note: Papi Chulo – to Puerto Ricans and Dominicans, and other  NY’ers, means a guy who’s tha Mac Daddy. He has the ability to attract many women (Of his race or others) and is believed to be the “Best Guy” around. This song should explain it all.

What does it mean to Be tagged ?

I know what you are thinking and no it has nothing to do with bodily fluids and hand towels. In all actuality, I have to

1. Post the rules.
2. Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post
3. Create eleven new questions to ask the people you’ve tagged.
3. Tag eleven people and link to them on your post.
4. Let them know you’ve tagged them!

The Questions

When you were a child, what did you want to be when you grew up? What did you think you would become?
I wanted to be a hand model, but all those hands jobs got to me, they drained me and made me feel empty inside.

Uhm seriously. I had no idea then what I wanted to do. I wanted to do something that helped others. When i was 23 I co-created with 3 friends a Not-For_profit organization to work with Inner City Youth, teaching them math and science and getting them involved in projects where they could win money for college. It went belly up due to some disputes. But it was cool to build a business from scratch and give talks presentation. I am toying with the idea of going to medical school as I was taught medical stuff at an early age by my pops the MD, did my pre-med already , have work in 2 hospitals and teach MCAT PREP biology on Saturdays. I kind of go where life takes me, sort of like outbreaks of syphilis or the Bubonic plague

Who is your biggest celebrity crush?
My biggest celebrity crush is Alicia Keys. I would like to think she wrote that song I linked to, for me but then the pains of separation were too much and she settled with mediocrity and married. (Im obviously delusional) I would wine and dine her, make a complete fool of myself to get a her to laugh, then I would give her a helmet and during the course of sexual congress proceed to put her through and destroy a series of IKEA beds. I developed a work out to add more power to my stroke, and would have been willing to put it into action as Ms. Keys doesn’t have  a job to call into sick the next day. The only down side to that though was that I came up with a creative solution to the raspy throat to call in with but that will have to be used another day.

Angels, Bigfoots, or Aliens; which one do you think is most likely to exist?
I think on the basis on concepts all those things may exist but not so much in the way we like to imagine. But if I had to bet as a bio person/life scientist I would have no problems imagining life elsewhere as we find life so many diverse and crazy impossible terrains here can anyone say: Thermophilus aquaticus?

What is something that everybody seems to enjoy that you hate?
I will give you 2 things
1. Senseless Chatter, pointless small talk
2. Imprisoning others within the confines of label and the limited view afforded by qhatever ideology is popular at the moment. I don’t think we really give ourselves a chance to know people or to see them with the same compassion and overlooking of flaws we would want for ourselves.

If you opened your front door and I was there, what would you say? What would you really be thinking?
A lot depends on what you look like. For example If you were well dressed I would think you were gonna talk to me about the Bible or about Jesus Christ and the Church of the Latter Day Saints. I would go through my rolodex of offensive things to tell you j/k. In all seriousness I give you the nyc Nod and say ” Wut up boss/chief/captn/BigBaby/Patnah? I would then inquire into if you needed anything or what brought you here.

What is your favorite movie and why?
I haven’t watched many movies. I cannot say I have a favorite. The last movie I saw was The Immortals and it sucked really really hard. Usually when I am involved in something that sucks so hard…. actually im going to try to keep this clean

There has to be something that you believe you’re the best at, what is it?
Being myself! Being is a mystery, and each of us is an articulation of that mystery, the most profound thing to do I think is just be, that has nothing to do with religion God or any of that kinda vocab or jargon.

Who is the ugliest person you know and why are they so ugly?
Ugly to me has more to do with inner disposition, people who are mean to themselves, other human beings,children, animals etc. I cant stand meanness in any form. As the song goes, the prettiest people do the ugliest things. I saw this lady recently yapping on the fone and walking towards me. Of course full out runway style, all her accessories were easily worth more than a months salary. And She was quite beautiful, the kind of beautiful that you just kind of pause to  look at and admire from a distance. She was walking her dog and when he/she wasnt listening or disturbing her game of noticing other people noticing her she kicked the dog with her point fancy shoes. All the good looking-ness vanished.

Is love unconditional?
In my mind the human existence is a condition, or consequence of something beyond conditions  (Randomness and Objective chance/God/My Homey Jesus/Whatever you wanna call it). Therefore to me by our very nature we cannot love unconditionally, but in ‘loving'(whatever that means to you) we can have experiential access to what lies beyond conditions right within the context of our daily living. The closest thing to unconditional love I think is the love the mother has for a child.

Lots of people have addictions. What is yours?
I am addicted to engaging others, communication, words, writing, making people smile, laughing, spelunking the female anatomy. Oddly they go together in many ways.

What is the nicest compliment you have ever received? What is something that you would like to be complimented more about you?

Marcus Aurelius - a Stoic

I really don’t like compliments. I would like my work or my actions to speak for themselves. I have this policy whereby I forget the nice compliments I have received and whatever nice or helpful things I have done, and instead remember all the times people have shown me kindness or done me something nice. This keeps me grounded and from being a monstrous douche. I guess I have a stoic disposition.

In my head a 100 or so years from now the last person to have seen me alive will have passed and there will be no memory of me, a few more hundred years later I will effectively be erased completely. What matters most then is this moment for me and at least if I cant help  or make someone laugh leave ’em alone and not impose my own bullshit on them.

Accept the things to which fate binds you, and love the people with whom fate brings you together, but do so with all your heart.
Marcus Aurelius

Adapt yourself to the things among which your lot has been cast and love sincerely the fellow creatures with whom destiny has ordained that you shall live.
Marcus Aurelius

My Questions:

  1. Why do you blog and what keeps you blogging?
2. What is something about yourself that no one would be able to tell by looking at you?
3. What is your Drink of choice when you are looking to get crunked?
4. Can you name someone or something you miss?
5. What is the thing your proudest about in life?
6. Do you indulge in/sufferfrom Lalochezia/Lygerastia/Grapholagnia ?
7. Which do you prefer engaging in Apodyopis or Gymnophoria ?
8. Any ideas for my new tattoo? what and where? If what you suggest is cool I’ll get it.
9. What was the last song you listened to?
10. I’m itching to cook/bake something. If I treating you what would you want me to make?
11. Describe yourself as completely as possible in 22.5 words

11 Bloggers I Tag












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  1. Great answers and questions Mr Mary! Btw, you almost fulfilled your childhood dreams…you may not be a hand-model, but you’re a sexy leggy model!!! Also, do you have a stack of notebooks filled with your favorite quotes that can be referenced at any point? Is that stack of notebooks in your head? If so, I’m am so very impressed.


  2. I am honored and grovelling at your feet at the shout out. For a couple reasons which I should probably discuss with a therapist, I don’t accept awards or tags. I do accept money, but nobody has seen fit to give me that. Anyway, thank you. I am a huge fan of your wit. You excite parts of me I didn’t know existed.


    • Hey Ms. LifeintheBoomerLane,

      You only tag the one’s you love, as you as you know I support your blog and love what you put out it doesn’t matter if you don’t accept awards or tags. After all they are just a fancy way of letting you know you are appreciated



  3. […] MrMary and I have a soul of connection: the kind you see when two strangers simultaneously reach for the same discounted vodka in a box on the shelf of the liquor store.  It’s magical, especially when MrMary generously pays for the vodka ($4.99 plus an airline-issued bag of expired “Nut Mix”), while I go and pick up a few bags of ice and a bottle of tonic water the size of an eighteen-month-old. […]


  4. I have to get my ass in gear on this one, I’ve been tagged, but have yet to return the favor. I’m working on it though.


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