Sugar isnt toxic You are, and pictures of some desserts I’ve made

A friend of mine has recently become retarded. Life have given him and extra chromosome late in life. He sent me an article saying sugar is bad and I should remove it from all my shelves. I replied telling him that his wife should be arrested for breastfeeding their child because there is sugar  in breast-milk. I also to be a dick sent him the hotline for child abuse and instructions on how to stop it.

When I saw him later on I asked him to clean up his rhetoric, is sugar/carbohydrate an essential nutrient  evil or toxic or is it both the saturation of sugar in the processed crap we shovel around as food, and our over indulgence of sugary products that really cause problems?   I then hit him with some biochemistry I brought up glycolysis – the break down of sugar (glucose) to provide energy to the cell, I brought up everything the Citric Acid cycle, Electron Transport Chain, I brought up glycoproteins and their role in cell to cell signaling and the role of carbohdyrates in glycoprotein hormone signal transduction, in other words I slap him across the face with a robust veiny phallus of information from which he didn’t recover, no one has yet. Because he is my friend I told him that his stupidity is toxic and not sugar. His vilification of sugar was not really what it’s about  I don’t think.

Dont get me Wrong

The excessive intake of both protein and sugar which are in many ways the hallmarks of our current eating pattern have terrible ramification on the human body.  While I agree we should do more to educate people on what all that means  we should avoid sensationalizing things.  Sensationalism leads to nonsensical polarized reactions like throwing everything with sugar out in your fridge at once and calling/emailing people in a frenzy on some sort of bullshit campaign. Also we should really bring people to task for their choices, if someone chooses to eat a steak and 4 egg and a 2 liter of coke every morning, or someone chooses to eat McDonalds like there is no tomorrow we can’t really blame the companies. I am curious to see how “sugar will be regulated”, there are some promising  developments that can come from this ongoing discussion

America is a country of fat fucking weebles and big nature killing cars. We like to over indulge and have no self control. In a lot of documentation from our early history we told immigrants of 50 -75 turkeys, ton of animal to shoot up and kill for food. (This was before the oregon trail became popular in the 80’s). We were an idyllic utopia for the hungry who were willing to work..

Give me your tired, your poor,
Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,
The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.
Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me,
I lift my lamp beside the golden door!”

 Although I take offence to wretched refuse of your teeming shore, the idea was for a while that  if you came to America and did honest work, you could eat  well. This was the land of plenty and in many ways still is; there are plenty of overweight people, plenty of obese people, plenty of people with no self control, no discipline, who don’t exercise , who have access to information concerning their health habits but don’t do anything with that.

What works for me ?

To me everyone has to take a moment to learn about their own medical constitution (also family history) so that they can through proper diet and exercise find the optimal pace of life, social setting, job, diet and exercise program that reflects the uniqueness of their constitution and age.  Once that is done and carried through it’s not such a big deal to indulge yourself every now and then

I personally hate food without taste, or all the zero calorie BS. It’s a crime against  nature really. I used to make dinner at home and every now and then the occasional dessert.  However I felt if I am going to make a dessert, I should use the best ingredients and none of this new-age crap recipes where brownies are made with chocolate  black beans and bananas. Of course I keep in mind the proper ratios of vegetables, meat and carbs. I used the  freshest  ingredients  and so far it has worked out well through it some time at the gym and its a wrap.  Usually I don’t eat junk food or snack in between meals; I work out.

Here are some desserts I’ve made, with butter and cream and everything nice  that didn’t kill anyone or put anyone into a coma.

I ran out of lighter fluid for my torch had to use my busted broiler instead to caramelize the tops of the creme brulee
MrMary's Creme Caramel - I unmolded it too hastily but it was delicious nevertheless from what everyone said
MrMary's Chocolate Soufflee - made with Callebaut Belgian Chocolate


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  1. “there are plenty of overweight people, plenty of obese people, plenty of people with no self control, no discipline, who don’t exercise , who have access to information concerning their health habits but don’t do anything with that.” Just checking in… is there a sign-up list for me or is this a general mention? Lol – Great article…


    • Hey Susanita

      Thanks ! I love cooking but I haven’t in a few months due to where I am living. All my equipment is away in storage. I’m hoping this summer when I move again into a new place I can get back to it. Thanks for stopping by:-)


  2. Oh lala Mr Mary those are some fancy desserts! Brownies with black beans sound disgusting, but delicious with banana, yum yum! They’re even better with extra chocolate chips. I’m a glutton you see.

    People who give up an entire category of food–carbs and sugar, for example, although giving up carbs encompasses giving up sugar I think–never stick to their diets because it’s IMPOSSIBLE and UNNECESSARY! If you give up sugar altogether, you have to give up healthy things like fruits! I’m not a huge fruit-eater, but that just seems wrong. Anyway, thanks for the foodie advice. You sound like a healthy guy.


  3. Oh so brilliant!!
    I love that you put ‘friend’ in his place…and so unfortunate that people are so quick to blame everything but themselves (and maybe a little bit, the media) for this…
    The soufflee was a bit dangerous to look at…my self-control is in question, as a result…thanks for the pending ass-expansion 😉


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