Tim Gunn, an other award and the slow ascent to FullMast Power

I always start writing with a clean piece of paper and a dirty mind.
Patrick Dennis

First it was my secretcrushfortwoweeks that nominated me for an award and in doing so started my slow rise to Power, aka to Full Mast. Recently I got nominated for another award by the CommanderInChic. Before I get into it I’d like to say that this award confirms that WordPress isn’t the sausage party it once was and secondly the ladies who blog have a sense of humor and are unusually nice. I’m still impressed with all the feedback, comments and overall participation, so thanks everyone. I never knew boner jokes could take a person so far.

Thank You To The CommanderInChic

The CommanderinChic’s blog in many ways reminds me of Ernest Hemingway’s novels – short concise very descriptive of course. But just as God is a silent character who ambivalence saturates the ambiance and tone of the  works (The Old man and the Sea and The Snows of Kilamanjaro come to mind) I imagine Tim Gunn to be a ubiquitous presence on her blog. Sometimes when she is showing off new shoes, outfits or nail polish I can almost hear Tim Gunn saying “Make it Work!!” or giving out other tips for looking fabulous. (Tim Gun and God have a lot in common aside from being celibate for 30 years)

Telling you seven things more about myself

1. I was never in the peace corp, so I like women, actually I’m part of another piece corps, looking for a piece of dat …well you know the rest


2. At different points in my life I have had a few homeless friends. I would save some dollars and get them something off the value meal at MCDonalds which are everywhere here. I’d just sit with them sometimes, not talking much. I didn’t ask any names or for their story, I just sat with them. There was a lovely story fellow blogger wrote something about: click this


3. I believe a lot in charity and helping others and there are a few charities I support financially or with my time in the city.


4. I learned a few minutes ago that after taking a lot of NYQUIL its not good to have half a 6 pack of beer


5. I love animals. I have two dogs – there is a soft side to Mr Mary after all. For some reason stray cats  follow me and like me, my favorite pet which I gave away was a black cat named Cleo, who I found in the street right before it was about to rain. I rain to get her food and she followed me into my apartment building. That is her sleeping on an old rug


6. Over the years I have studied many forms of martial arts. At one point I wanted to compete, but I wasnt feeling coming home with my face looking like hamburger meat. I haven’t practiced in ages and suck something awful. I am hoping to get back to it in 2012.


7. If you make a good vanilla egg cream/ or can make more than a heated pop-tart for dinner I’ll put out no questions asked

People I Nominate

I accepted this award because its my rule to never refuse a gift from a pretty lady, especially who can run around in these kind of shoes and names doesn’t end in ‘Licious and secondly really to shout out some  blogs I came across that are all kinds of sexy and awesome:

Grounding My Roots Blog


Pigeon Heart









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  1. Thanks, I appreciate the nomination. Very cool, you just popped my nomination cherry. I think this means I’m always supposed to love you.


  2. *blushing** Thanks so very! You are so sweet and awesome and rad and things! I’m pumped to check out alla the blogs that you recommend. And I enjoy yours so much as well.
    What’s this award thing you are receiving? Congrats!


    • I really like reading your blog post on the homeless story, it was very nice and touching and I felt I should bring people’s attention to that. I also generally enjoy the bit of your humor that comes through. I liked also your voicing your want for meditation parallels my own experience in a way, the Kimmy Giebler reference was sweet too lol. I look forward to reading more from you. There is a sincerity in what you write


      • Thanks, I am glad that transfers. You will appreciate then, that I had another moment earlier this week w/ this character riding by on a bicycle, down town. I was escorting the kids across the street, from playground to school and spotted him. As he passed, I said to a fellow teacher LOUDLY that he looked just like Howard Stern. It’s almost like turrets or something. Ugh. Terrible. Im sure he heard.
        And I’m glad you dug the homeless tales. More to come. It’s a fave past time of mine- collecting stories from the other side…


    • Hey Susan,

      MrMary cares, unfortunately Im not always as vocal about it as perhaps I should be. But I like reading through your blog. My work schedule doesn’t allow comments all the time, but when I get a chance to read through it, it’s great stuff, a window into another’s experience. 🙂


  3. Mr. Mary,
    I am speechless (in writing of course). However, realising that that will do my fledgling blogging career no good, have to force myself out of the haze of the non-alcoholic high induced by this nomination and say thank you from the bottom of my dark heart.
    Sincerely appreciate your recognition.


  4. We could be the new tag-team extraordinaire. Like midget wrestlers delivering crotch-shots to the idiocy of what has become our culture.


  5. “For some reason stray cats follow me and like me” I believe this is a sign of a good person. I know it might be corny but I think it is true that animals can see what type of person you are. If they like you, you’re probably awesome, compassionate and generous.

    Also…Thank you so much for the nomination. I really appreciate it. It’s easy to toil away on these blogs of ours and not feel noticed at all, so thank you, again.


    • Thanks my man! Animals are very insightful and very sublime in the expressions of their understanding. The french poet deVigny said

      C’est vous qui le savez sublimes animaux.
      A voir ce que l’on fut sur terre et ce qu’on laisse,
      Seul le silence est grand; tout le reste est faiblesse.

      It is you who know it sublime animals
      To see what they were on earth and what they left,
      Alone silence is grand; all rest is weakness.

      Your blog is noted and appreciated 🙂


    • Emily, you’re more than welcome, you’re a pleasure to read and a fellow Bklynite, which mean I am obligated to have your back. I’ll tempt my fate and quote from a 14 century Persian. Your phrases lover of the world brought the following to mind:

      “We’re prisoners in the shackles of an immense passion Afflicted and tormented with manacles on our ankles
      we are the miserable ones in the deserts of love skilled in the field of riot and revolution.

      Sometimes were thunder sometimes a bolt of lightening sometimes were clouds sometimes the sea. Sometimes were intellectuals sometimes were crazy were bewildered…just bewildered headless, footless, nothing in our pockets, worthless drunkards… though sometimes were revealed sometimes concealed sometimes earth-like were abased and debased sometimes sky like were exalted and transcendent in the tavern of ruin like Sayeed we’ve fallen down beyond all religion or infidelity after draining cup after cup after cup of wine.”


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