Cyndi Lauper & the Best argument I’ve ever got into

I saw a couple arguing at the train station. Midway through the ride they stopped arguing, the young lady extended her hand and he held it. A few stop later they left holding hands. This was touching to see, compare the normal fist fighting, pulled knives, naked or half naked homeless people and the plethora of suspect nonsense you see here.

This incident made me remember the best fight I ever got into relationship-wise. As I am sure you understand there are dangerous ramifications to being so awesome. Whipping out all the awesomeness out at once brings that uncomfortable first or second date scenario to mind. My solution is to conceal some of that awesome behind the guise of seemingly shyness, and send the nude pics before the first date – it worked once. Unfortunately I do such a good job some people forget and then I have to show them what’s up


I hate, absolutely hate arguing. I am very diplomatic and would rather work out a favorable solution for all parties involved benefits of the older brother, first born thing.  So Ions ago when I was younger on the prowl I was dating this lady, after a few months one day the following conversation came up:

MrMary We have to talk
What bout?
We dont argue, I am concerned because couples are supposed to argue
They are ?
Yeah, it’s like your too easy going?
Ok then How about we talk about your continually bad hair and makeup choices
You look like one of the back up dancers in a Cyndi Lauper video

I started singing off key: “We have no past we wont reach back, Keep with me forward all through the night”

She was pretty angry but wanted to laugh a little bit which made things worse for me and my laughter only made things worse. I was only joking after all but she took the joke hard. Of course a brief argument ensued but there was no hand offered afterwards

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5 thoughts on “Cyndi Lauper & the Best argument I’ve ever got into

  1. I have heard that from people! The “Why don’t we argue?” problem! I think that’s a wonderful thing unless it results in passive aggression that builds up and then kaboom! your relationship is doomed.

    (Btw, I just came back from my trip with a harmonica!!!!! My dad is going to teach me how to play!!)


    1. Its so nice to hear from you dear, I check back on your page for some news about how the new years went and other things and I didn’t see anything (single tear). Hope you have been well and had a great new years got down with your bad self, maybe did something cool like watch shaft goes to Africa or something.

      Passive aggression really sucks, I hate that too. Diplomacy and a willingness to compromise can usually fix a lot of things.

      When we both get great we should play on skype or something, something like the parliament of the mouth organ blowers or something, maybe a different name as that sounds a bit too romantic


      1. I didn’t have access to wordpress while I was away 😦 It was tormenting. Neither did I get down with Shaft or any other cool fictional/nonfictional characters. I DID however knit half a sock with my grandma, eat tons of awesome food, saw some beautiful historical places, and learned more about the history of my family! Details to come in my posts, duh.

        As for our musical interests, it’s probably going to take some time before we can form P-MOB because my initial try on the harmonica made my head spin. (My dad and I were playing the scales when my uncle’s dog starting howling was hilarious! A singing dog!) Anyway, I’ll keep you updated on my progress.

        Good to be back 🙂


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