How Crack-Cocaine, Lion Tamers and Acapella Singers keep me searching……………..

I was listening again to the minimalistic styling of the wizened Neil Young  where as much as he searches for a heart of Gold, he like the existential anti-hero he pretends not to be, doesn’t find it.  I am not necessarily sure the real significance of Neil Young’s heart of Gold, but it got me thinking.

I was thinking about human relationships, and how different they are from the time of my grandparents. They don’t seem to work and can probably kill you like Chinese toothpaste. After an initial time, I like to say about 2 weeks things usually came apart. People started to see past the the images the other person hides behind, and the bout for supremacy, begins.  But it’s not so bleak  why? Well  looking at the following relationship I think there is someone just

Just a crazy guy dressed up as a women exposing himself on the train

The 4 old reformed substance abusers who sing on the train for money.  Normally you would not think Crack- Cocaine, Du Wop and old Motown songs have anything in common , and that’s where your wrong. They get together, to practice their songs in 53rd Street Station on the E train wreaking of alcohol and the men’s bathroom at Penn Station. I wanna know how they first started out as they are all different ages and at different stages of mental and emotional decay.

Siegfried and Roy– Two Gay Lion Tamers. There are like how many lion tamers in the world? If there could find each other statistically and stay together through a tiger mauling there is hope for the rest of us. I mean for fuck’s sake.

George Michael, Pee Wee Herman  and public acts of self Pollution. It takes a special person to find comfort in public self pollution especially when its done just for the sake of it, and not for money, not to support a crystal meth addiction it says something.

The Sacred Band of Thebes Plutarch records that the Sacred Band was made up of male couples, the rationale being that lovers could fight more fiercely and cohesively than strangers with no ardent bonds. The Sacred Band originally was formed of 300 hand-picked men who were couples, each lover and beloved selected from the ranks of the existing Theban citizen-army. This is tough. There weren’t very many cool color palettes in the uniform, pink wasn’t the new black and skinny belts weren’t all the rage they are now. Most couple cannot pick without a serious fight where to eat. How did they do:

The Sacred Band under Pelopidas fought the Spartan at Tegyra in 375 BC, routing an army that was at least three times its size, though they retreated before the Spartans reformed. It was also responsible for the victory at Leuctra in 371 BC, called by Pausanias the most decisive battle ever fought by Greeks against Greeks. 

That would be a great movie: Ball-Sack Valley – The Other 300  no one talks about in elementary school history classes.

Thomas Jefferson and his Wife – She stuck with him even though year after year more and more light skin colored baby slaves came out of that plantation. It was like the modrn day Hersheys Cookies and Cream factory

Catherine the Great and the Horse she pleasured – I am not even going to get into this one or put up a picture. If you can…yeah not even …moving along. In College history though I used to make horse sounds in the back of the classroom whenever she was mentioned.  Only 3 people got it, everyone else thought it was shameless self promotion, which it was but that’s another story.

PussyGalore from the Bond Movies

Gertrude Stein and Alice B. Toklas  – They met by accident in San Francisco Stein enthralled Toklas with their stories of Paris. Toklas moved there two years later, met up with Gertrude, and the two women soon began living together. Besides being a well-known avant-garde writer, Stein was a brilliant eccentric with a heavy, unladylike presence. Alice B. Toklas, who worked as Stein’s secretary and cook, was a chain smoker with a slight mustache, given to exotic dress. The pair became inseparable, with Gertrude calling Alice “Pussy” and Alice referring to Gertrude as “Lovey.”


There is someone as curiously odd and lovely like yourself, it may be a horse, a location where you like to relieve yourself of your more basal urges,  it might be a dead homosexual Ancient Greek soldier but whatever or whoever it is is out there 🙂 – See I ended on a positive non-sarcastic note 🙂

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