Behind the Scenes of ASpoonfulofSuga: Why Re-Vitaligo?

I’ve mentioned revitaligo enough for a friend to ask me today why do I say I have a fictitious disease. I thought some of you might be interested in knowing why I mention it.  There are many reasons that go beyond just sarcasm. I often spend a long time deliberating over each word I send you guys, though it may not seem so, especially given my misspellings and grammatical errors.

Comedic Affect

One time I stepped over the family dog sleeping on a one of the top steps on the stairway, my mother had vacuumed the carpets and but some spray on it by mistake meant to bring the shine out of wooden floors and I took a tumble down the steps.  She could not of course stop laughing. I asked her why did she laugh instead of helping me up. She told me: “It’s funny.”

If as Orwell says a dirt joke is a sort of mental rebellion, a racial joke is a rebellion against this movement to sweep a lot of  important things under the carpet, to give voice to the parts of history no one wants to discuss. Until we can discuss things and actually listen the mentality responsible for many unsavory acts that stain our history. Its easier to joke about things than to be direct about it so id rather joke around and laugh until the time comes where we can talk seriously

Social Commentary

I find that people are unwilling to talk about the obvious, or really listen to someone. What I see happens now and is you talk and someone listens to you only to the extent that they can use what you say to formulate a rebuttal or answer. In the end so many of us and are experiences are lost between the incendiary exchanges of sensationalism and ideological polemics

If according to Orwell a dirty joke is a sort of mental rebellion, a racial joke is a stand against being silenced. I remember one time being harassed by NYPD in high-school.That didn’t bother me, I had people say and do a lot worse. What hurt was when I told a teacher of mine about it and he told me it was all in my head and cops aren’t like that. There are many stories that don’t get told that need to get told for us to move forward as a country, child abuse stories, immigrant abuse stories, rape stories.

I could list other things and other reason but wants to hear that?

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