My Rise to Power Begins: My Nomination for the Versatile Blogger Award

What I love about this picture is that the woman is cute and obviously not a diabetic. I can wow her with my dessert making skills!

I signed into the blog today and was flummoxed to find that I had been nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award by the How To Date Boys Blog. Before I continue I got to give a shout out to my HomeGirl, my Muthaf’ing Padnah at How to Date Boys.  She is candid, hysterical, witty and honest, and prefers circumcised to uncircumcised, btw way I love a woman who keeps the faith (religious joke) she has all the qualities  I love in a women. If I wasnt already attached to someone sucking the will to live out of me I would so date her. However I have chosen the following picture to represent this Dater of Boys so I can secret pine after her. All joking aside, I came across her blog before and here are some of the Posts that I have found pretty Mutha f’ing Cool:

whatnottodo: sexy videos
typesofboys: effeminate boys
let’s take a moment…and talk about the penis


Acceptance Speech

Before I attempt to explain what is meant by this award, I would like to clarify somethings about myself and this blog. Author, journalist, and stand-up comedian Paul Krassner has said that “For years, reality has been nipping at the heels of satire. Now, it’s finally caught up. I don’t need to make this stuff up.” Needless to say we live in interesting times. Historians have called the 20th century The Turbulent Passage. For me personally I have tried to take a look at the now, the place we have passed into. Looking out from this moment at human relationships, at politics, at celebrities and news media, etc has held up a mirror to myself which has been tragic and funny; to quote one of my favorite writers, Dario Fo “With comedy I can search for the profound.” Thanks to all of you who comment, and who engage me with your presence on the blog. This blog is a dialogue, behind the jokes, awkward pictures, uncomfortable topics and crass comments, I try to say something and I look forward to continue to talk with you.

-Mr Mary

Rules for the Versatile Blogger Award

The Rules:
1. Thank the award-giver and link back to them in your post.
2. Share 7 things about yourself.
3. Pass this award along
4. Contact your chosen bloggers to let them know about the award.

Bloggers I nominate for the Award !!!

According to a sexual harassment workshop I had to attend, firstly it’s pronounced Harass not Her ass and it’s one word not two. Secondly it is bad manners to think that though one gets something like a compliment, flowers, or an award one has to put out or return a ‘favor’. Luckily for you guys when it comes to blogging I am the morally lost female character of an Elfreide Jelinek novel and not only do I not know good from bad,  I am pretty easy. Here are some bloggers I am happy to Give this award to:

The Rubbe – Two really cute and funny ladies. They make me laugh and they did a cartoon about a pet rooster, and sexually forward Gummy Bears. I have rubbe’ed the occassion comment or two out all over their blog.  Follow them and comment.

Eye Laughs – A bf and gf funny cartoon orgiastic feast for the senses. Follow and Comment.

HeatherChristenaSchmidt – Funny mademoiselle with a few gripes. She is unfairly well-read and  can hold down a conversation like a Kardashian does a phallus. She likes and appreciates my analogies 🙂 

Mooselicker– His Biography says it all: ” Every biography I have ever read is about a man who lives in New York City with his ugly wife, his autistic son, and his faggot dog. You’ll find out more about me as I find out more about myself.”

KissTheMuse – She inspires me to be a better writer. She is a cool honest chick and tells it like it is, If I had a gun I would pop off to show my respect, but alas I have warrants and firearm is illegal.

ChristineEstima –  She is playwright, shit-disturber, vegetarian, hipster, novelist, actress, and arts journalist who is actually down to earth, and not an annoying fucking bore like all the other playwrights, novelists  and actresses I meet in the City Prolly because she is actually pretty, from Canada, and says ‘about’ funnily.

The Lone Sheep – Rula is a deep thinker, she is the courageous one or so thats what I call her. She is also a poet too. She is an all around wonderful Person. Show her some love my minions

Repeating Islands – Does as someone of Carribean decent  how can I not love this blog. its beautiful and makes me long for a time where I can go back “home”.

Seven things About Myself

I thought I would finishing off with some real factual stuff about the man behind the character of Mr Mary.

    1. I am often rather nice and friendly in person.  I am extremely loyal to the few who are my friends
    2. I don’t believe that we have rights since they can be taken away at a moments notice. I think we operate only under the illusion of the existence of rights
    3. I love alcohol in all is manifestations. Although rum is king. I rarely drink though. Anyone up for a drink?
    4. I had a few other blogs with steady readership, but due to the topics I talked about on them, I felt a bit typecasted and created this blog to let loose my humor, satire and all the other nonsense I dump here
    5. I am the oldest of 2. I am close to my younger sister, but have a tumultuous relationship with my father.
    6. I love music of all types. At one point  I taught myself to play the guitar but graduate school, work and getting hitched but that on hold for a long time, whatever skill I got I lost lol.
    7. I hate shaving, but love NYC
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  1. The “deep thinker” is lost for words, can it be?!! Mr. Mary what else can I do but appreciate your appreciation!? I think it’s yet to sink in…deep 😉 Thanks!!!


    • …and I’m guessing what your first association probably was after I said that last line, though I hope it was a little more original than, “that’s what she said” hahaha 😉


  2. Congrats on the award and thanks for the nomination!

    You have a very unique and original point of view. Never change. Unless the government threatens to kill me if you don’t.


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