Bitterly Pressed: 10 Things I Wont Do in 2012 Part 1

10 Things I Wont Do in 2012

Nut Huggers – Been trying for babies 10 years now and no Success

Support Womans Rights by Mailing in a Check. No more awkward Fund Raising Dinners

VOTE for anything Unless Alicia Keys comes back to my house to fix the black keys on my Piano

I wont look or Act Black around, near or in a 20 ft Radius of Cops just in case this Brutality thing is real

Listen to Any songs by a Happy Mary J Blige. Mary needs that saddness and Drama 

Take the Charge to draw an Offensive Foul. Not worth really Worth It

I won’t watch AIDS go Viral Without  Passing it on to my friends and other people in my Life

I am Not Going to Cram it all in at one You’ll have to wait for Part 2 of this post You’ve Just Been Bitterly Pressed

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