Kindly Freshly Press These: 2011 My Year of Bullshit Photography

As part of my continue assault on WordPress‘ Freshly Press over enthusiastic , painfully squeezed out  Bullshit. I offer your my dear readers this post you are Reading now: 2011 My Year of Bullshit Photography. If You aren’t aware I have been on a  campaign against Wordpress’s Freshly pressed. Today I am attacking a time honored practice of pleonastically putting up photography blog. I decided not to add to much words because it would come off mean spirited and bitter and clearly I am not that


Someplace I didn’t Go

(I’ve been waiting to use this joke all day – It’s pretty profane) Luckily my job is not one where I can travel or need to. I sit in a room full of computer without windows. starved for human contact. I work so many hours my dogs bark at me when I enter my house because they forget what I look like.  As luck would have it my lady took a long vacation and left me all alone for the holidays as  a result  I didn’t get a nice stay-cation in someone’s mouth to ring in the New Year.

Cute Domesticated Animal in Action

Spontaneous Action that Opened Up New Doors and avenues of Perception

Self Indulgence, and Scenes of Great Food

Something that proves I’m Sophisticated and not a douche

Great Nature Scenes

Stupid Life Affirming Poses and Gesturing

Pictures with Locals

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  1. Hahaha finally someone who hates photography as much as I do. The only cool pictures are ones of animals killing each other or death defying acts by man. Pictures of your family stink!


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