Nominate Bloggers You know and Love for My New Award for Relevant Blogging

I was really impressed that I didn’t get an award for my blog before I started. I kind of thought that there was so much hype in my mind that like President Obama I would get the equivalent of a Nobel peace Prize, for showing up. But that wasn’t the case! Yea I know wtf ?!?!?!?! So I thought I would create my own series of awards to give out to people who really deserve them hence the Following award was created

The ‘Va Te Faire Foutre’ Award for Relevant Blogging

Many of you may not know this about me but I start off life speaking 3 languages. I’m multilingual even though there is no celebratory parade, legislation or accolades for that.  I thought to channel my international multi-lingual experiences outside the realm of cunnilingus [speaking in tongue depending on which church you go to]

This awards is dedicated to bloggers who  constant write about really relevant issues, facing humanity, like cookies, Matt Damon new suck-fest movie, designer jeans, places they have been to on vacation while the rest of us slave away nonsensical working waiting for death,  things they blogged about learning before they learned it you know the typical Freshly Pressed big ole Nutty Brown Pile of Bullshit. So for all you out there this is for you:

You work so hard to bring the rest of Humanity down into the harsh rain of mental emotional and spiritual putrefaction !!!!

Selection Criteria

  1. The blogger must have a picture where they look unusually happy
  2. They must talk about relevant issues i.e films, cake on a stick, love, cute animals 
  3. Preferably must not know french
  4. Must not like hearing or saying profanities
I am collecting names from now till Easter. I will present the names to the risen Christ for the final ok and then put the Mr Mary stamp on your blogger Award. Yes there is a  official stamp


  1. I don’t think I’ve even seen a photo of me looking unusually happy; there are a few in circulation showing me unusually drunk and confused, but none include a Joker-esque grin on my face, or me clinging to puppies and/or kittens.

    Talk to me about this cake on a stick: is banana bread on a stick an option?


    • Hey Dis !

      A lot of stores have gone phallic symbol crazy and have these small round cake bits dipped into chocolate. I’ve never tried them but they have become annoyingly ubiquitous, even showing up in Starbucks and other Coffee Shops and every time I am online to get something I hear about it. Some woman or effeminate hipster-dude ready to drop their deodorant money to be a cake eater. It can be banana or another type of cake I suppose

      Mr Mary


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