Unveiling 2011’s Biggest International Cultural Sodomite

When I think of History and how it is sequential – years follow other years – I am sure 2011 will go down in it sometime soon. I hope that soon afterwards it will be made available on my e-reader for under $5. 2011 was a year of struggle, and we the people of the earth, well the majority of us who can read, write, have access to water food, and TMZ.com – we battled a deadly foe. I am not talking about Al Queda with their hatred of stripe toothpaste, Burger Shake and Fries lunch specials, women’s low rider jeans, and a legal statutes delineating rightful age of one’s sexual partner – the harbingers of democracy.I am not talking about the excesses of Chinese manufacturing excellence in toothpaste, cleaning products and super high-speed trains.

As you can already tell something that is more dangerous than Al Queda or Chinese toothpaste is beyond scary, It should send shivers down the spine of all men women and children in the world not suffering from Spinal Bifida.

Cultural Sodomite 

Cultural Sodomite here in this case is not the name of an eccentric musician or artist confined in a medium security prison, with just ropeless bar soap and a prayer. A cultural sodomite is someone who has brought all of society down  by virtue of their action. Let me Give you a list of past cultural sodomites:

Kim Jun Il‘s Hairdresser and Stylist

Lil Kim has a long history of eccentric acts. Everyone knows that eccentricity moral decrepitude and fashion go hand in hand – (everyone remembers the time Will.i.am dressed in Blackface to go to VMA’s).

Dressing Lil Kim up like a puppet only served to enhance his self deluded image. Here are two of the many things which resulted:

  1. Despite North Korea’s frequent famines, Kim’s fondness for fine food and wine was the stuff of legend.
  2. A movie buff, in 1978 he was said to have ordered the abduction of South Korean film director Shin Sang-ok and his actress wife Choi Eun-hee. The pair said they completed seven films for Kim before escaping to the west in 1986.

Poor People

“Really poor children in really poor neighborhoods have no habits of work and have nobody around them who works … So they have no habit of showing up on Monday.” -Newt Gingrich

Alluding to “43% of black teenage unemployment,” he said, “What if they cleaned the bathrooms? What if they mopped the floors? (What) if they had money of their own and didn’t have to become a pimp, prostitute or drug dealer?”

According to  Larry Miller Gingrich’s implication that poor and black children are lazy and undisciplined is the same racist and revisionist historical argument that was used in defense of slavery, Jim Crow segregation and job discrimination. He adds to this insult that black teenagers should become cheap labor to replace janitorial services.”  I just thought it was rude to talk about someone without giving them a chance to say anything in their defense so I went  to The Jim Crow Museum and took these words from Jim Crow himself

Before its death, the coon developed into the most blatantly degrading of all black stereotypes. The pure coons emerged as no-account niggers, those unreliable, crazy, lazy, subhuman creatures good for nothing more than eating watermelons, stealing chickens, shooting crap, or butchering the English language.

Universally, they [White Southerners will tell you that while the old-time Negroes were industrious, saving, and when not misled, well-behaved, kindly, respectful, and self-respecting, and while the remnant of them who remain still retain generally these characteristics, the “new issue,” for the most part, are lazy, thriftless, intemperate, insolent, dishonest, and without the most rudimentary elements of morality….Universally, they report a general depravity and retrogression of the Negroes at large in sections in which they are left to themselves, closely resembling a reversion to barbarism.”
If You are a Conservative like me you know that  poverty is always caused by the bad behavior of the victims. That bad behavior  brings the country down especially now given that the poor are so pervasive and are having coming out parties nearby dumpster and piles of garbage.

The Arts

The arts are the first thing to always get cut in times of economic turmoil Why  you ask  well for starters  they make people think and innovate , it is hard to be subservient mindless cog in a vast bureaucratic machine that has long ago decided against the care and maintenance   of its integral parts.  I am not the only one who thinks this take a look at the following quote from the Psychology today article on why  we should save funding for the arts. The article starts off with your normal  quotes from a bunch of nobodies:

At Boeing, innovation is our lifeblood. The arts inspire innovation by leading us to open our minds and think in new ways about our lives – including the work we do, the way we work, and the customers we serve,” writes W. James McNerney, Jr., Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer, The Boeing Company.  Helge W. Wehmeier, President and Chief Executive Officer, Bayer Corporation agrees: “A good well-rounded education must include the study of both the arts and the sciences. As a company we explore the synergies between arts and science. Of all subjects, the arts and sciences are the closest and most interrelated. They offer complementary ways of understanding the same object or event… They also teach critical thinking, creativity and curiosity – skills that make for an educated and innovative work force.”

Critical thinking, creativity, curiosity – obviously we don’t do that here. If people were educated and creative thought critically, we don’t invest in that here, because it doesn’t pay.

Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs has been canonized by the media for helping us feed into our need to constantly consume without thought of consequences of who gets negatively affected, or what are the ecological and social consequences. Normally I am all for the moral somnolence but this time the child labor it conflicts with my love for Whitney Houston’s The Greatest Love of All. He also didn’t want to man up to the daughter he fathered. Classic example of a stand out kinda guy.

Judging Criteria and Award 

It took me a long time to find someone really deserving of this title. I looked at what is tearing our society apart. What causes the most discussion arguing and polarization of people. It didn’t take long, so without further ado The Greatest Cultural Sodomite of 2011


None of the pepper spraying would be an issue if compassion wasn’t always on a campaign to delude us into thinking human life has value outside of our narrow wants and needs and petty biases. It doesn’t I live in NY and saw first hand what compassion did during the Occupy Wall Street Movement – this movement  brought various people from different socio economic strata together. This is the worst thing that can happen to America and the world. Why?

Political Secret: – If you keep people separated you can use the most basal human drives to herd and corral them into doing what you want. Greed (I want more stuff) Fear (Other people will take the stuff I have and prevent me from getting what I want) Envy (Those people are sitting on a butt load of wealth and they don’t know it. We could use it better, we need it more) Sloth (I have so many electronics and cool gadgets and gear I don’t have to really engage the world I can select what part of the world comes to me from the comfort of my own salacious reverie) Pride (we are better than those people, look at our striped tooth and subway stations filled with garbage and homeless forgotten and or marginalize citizens.

Compassion works against this system, it is anti democratic. Rather than keeping polarized groups of people separate from each other, it seeks always a common ground whereby we can all move forward, and continue on our individual and collective path to self actualization without impinging on each others ‘rights’.

So thank Compassion…

In Tunisia you brought people together over the death of a 26 year old fruit seller Mohamad Bouazizi who set himself on fire out of desperation triggering anger against the regime over widespread unemployment. Which in turn brought people of other nations together  creating this Arab spring nonsense. You made the middle class in America seem less selfish and self-absorbed by bringing them together in parks to do yoga and  drum out some cool beats. I could have been eating Costco sized snacks watching the latest Celebrity Sex Tape or Tim Tebow or well you get the point

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  1. You make some very good points here. Exactly many of the reasons why China will win one day and we may all be eating noodles and fried puppy nuggets.


    • I wonder what kind of toys will go with puppy friend nugget at the Beijing version of McDonalds that will come to a town nearest you. I can see a man hanging form the gallows with the word HOPE on his T-Shirt. I was really appalled by the lack of compassion I saw in the news this year shoppers pepper spraying other shoppers. The OWS thing, and the reaction to it really made me re-think many things. I think once we completel loose our moral compass it will be much better. Meanwile check out chicken nugget in a biscuit:


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