The 5/8 things I learned since bringing my satire and sarcasm to

With comedy I can search for the profound.
Dario Fo

A few days ago, I gave you the first three of 8 things I learned since bringing my brand of misanthropic satirical humor to WordPress. You can read that here.  I am throwing caution into the wind and giving you more than 5 things. Let’s get right back into it:

[4] Steve Jobs is our national hero because he found a way to destroy China’s future without that neither strains nor betters our [The USA] relationship with them. I was able to obtain a secret note Steve Jobs wrote about child labor in China making IPads, IPods and other assorted IBullshit.

They… brought us smiles and local delicacies and hopes of helping their family create a better future and  many other warm positive heart felt things, which they were willing to work their youth away for. They willingly traded every comfort they had known like deciding when and where to use the bathroom…. They were well built, with good bodies and handsome features suffering had sculpted them well…. They did not complain much to bad treatment because slave labors quiets one’s inner voice They would make fine servants …With the fifty men on the board  and signed contracts we could subjugate them all and make them do whatever we want.

Similar national heroes – The Makers of Agent Orange, The Guys who set the price of coffee sugar and other commodities in Latin America, Newt Gingrich , Christopher Columbus

[5] Hipsters are not only good for something other than targets for mugging and source material for jokes they are people as well, some of them with feelings.

First What are hipsters

“Hipsters are the friends who sneer when you cop to liking Coldplay. They’re the people who wear t-shirts silk-screened with quotes from movies you’ve never heard of and the only ones in America who still think Pabst Blue Ribbon is a good beer. They sport cowboy hats and berets and think Kanye West stole their sunglasses. Everything about them is exactingly constructed to give off the vibe that they just don’t care.”
— Time, July 2009

A 2009 Time magazine article described hipsters thus: “take your grandmother’s sweater and Bob Dylan’s Wayfarers, add jean shorts, Converse All-Stars and a can of Pabst and bam — hipster.”

In 2003, Robert Lanham‘s satirical book The Hipster Handbook described hipsters as young people with “mop-top haircuts, swinging retro pocketbooks, talking oncell phones, smoking European cigarettes… strutting in platform shoes with a biography of Che Guevara sticking out of their bags.”

I grew up live and work in NY fucking city. I’ve been here since the 80’s and my parents have been here since the 70’s. After the city cleaned up the crime and murder, shut down the porno shops in Times Square  and put many minorities in the tenement house White people had left for the promise of Long Island and Westchester, somewhere in the 90 to present the  the City soon became inundated with hipster. People from other parts of the country  which frankly sucked like weird states: Vermont, New Hampsire, Pennsylvania. All with the rapist glasses, tight pants, and the typical uniform of the spiritually neutered.

“<“start of vitriolic rant”>” I had nothing but contempt for them. They were the one’s pushing the gentrification of old Neighborhood I grew up in. They can transform cocaine into vitamin B12 and they can transform the deeply touching history of a neighborhood into a marketing gimmick.   Hipsters have money and bring business in the neighborhoods they live in that pander to to the extending colonialism in new ways like yoga studios and furthering them into the grips of the punishing simulacra of an existence they live in. “<“end of vitriol”>”

However thanks to one blogger’s inherent coolness photos and thoughts  I have changed my mind and hipsters are now people now and arent the veneral disease on the phallus of America of which NYC is its jeweled Codpiece. More on this Blogger below thingie # [7] 

[6] In US history periods of tough economic times and worldwide meltdown are followed by a redefinition of what it is to be american as well as a Magic New Scare that helps to lock Americans up and disenfranchise the democratic minority.

Don't really send us your poor tired hungry

Indefinite Detention Bill

Great Depression -> McCarthyism (The Second Red Scare)
Current Economic worldwide  CollapseWar on Terror (The Major Terror Scare)

[7] It is possible to be a blogger and aesthetically pleasing at the same time and not an over indulgent high maintenance <insert word > I didnt think it was possible until I ran into the following blogs Spadina Monologue, CommanderInChic, HeatherChristenaSchmidt . Special Shout out goes to the blogger behind Spadina Monologues who showed me that hippies were human beings too and gave me an appreciation for a part of my own city I dont visit or go to any more

[8] The Older Boy George and Sinead O Conner get the more they will look alike 

Maybe because they use the same color palette. I think it was Nietzsche who said that a consequence of democracy is that the delineation between defining features of the sexes  get blurred and we get more effeminate men and masculine women. Seems to work in the UK.

[Bonus]  9: It seems that it is possible to still say something tastefully through the vehicles of sarcasm and satire  and not get chastised or reprimanded for it. I’m still amazed anyone read the vitriolic and sometimes sybaritical stuff I put out at times. Thanks for all the love shown in the last 8 weeks the blog has been around.



Disclaimer :  The views expressed in this post are those of my own and are not inclusive of the blogs/bloggers mentioned here.

Disclaimer: The Steve Jobs note is fake. I took one of columbus’ notes in Howard Zinn’s people history of the United States and changed some words around.

Concerning Boy George and Sinead O Conner: the picture below is sorta funny 🙂

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  1. Very nice, I especially enjoyed the hipster part. They try so hard to be unique, ironic and cool that they end up being exactly the opposite. I enlightened my 63 year-old father to the hipster genre and he was shocked that the clothes he wore in college were back in style.


    • I find hipsters weird. How can they navigate the world and their daily responsibilities with their heads so far up their ass. Talk about being self absorbed. But I have met one or two that made me rethink my hateful ways. Its so strange how in the want to be anti establishment and individualistic you give up your self expression to look like a uniformed unthinking majority.


  2. Happy new year to you as well. If I had read some more of your posts Before my posts on the people of the year as I see things as aposed to Time. Well I would have included, you into that list as well. Sorry. But this may be a yearly thing for me. Who knows? I will be back and check out more and more often. Cheers, to you and yours. All the best!
    PS. Thanks for your following of my ramblings as well. 🙂


    • Mindwarp,

      Thanks for stopping by in the New Year. Its nice to read your stuff. I am a big fan of Mooselicker’s blog too !!! I am checking out the other bloggers your mentioned in your post on peeps o da year. I hope 2012 is good to you like dentist are good to English expatriates in America. The Best to you and yours

      Mr. Mary


  3. A good read. The world, as evidenced by Facebook, is filled with entirely too much optimism, angels, puppies, babies, and unicorns. Bravo to you for taking a stand. I subscribed to you awhile ago, then stopped getting anything. I blame McCarthyism. I’ve signed up again.


    • Mon Amie,

      Thanks for subscribing and stopping by I really like your blog. The missing body parts the other day made me laugh and chuckle and remember a George Carlin bit about body parts. I will see if I can find it for you and share. In the mean time I wish you the best for 2012 !! Your comments are welcome here any time

      Mr Mary Mutha


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