The 3/8 things I learned since bringing my satire and sarcasm to

With comedy I can search for the profound.
Dario Fo

Let’s get right into it:

[1] Everyone read the same manual on producing bullshit lists which appear most frequent during the Holiday. These lists are popular because they exploit our shallowness, insecurity, and pourous self image. There are more often than not 5 reasons, or 10 reasons or 11. (Multiples of 5 seem to predominate).

10 Reasons Why I Am Excited to Be
5 Keys to Making/ Keeping Your New Year Resolutions.
10 Books I read/ People I dated/Banged
10 Movies with
5 step plan to Blogging/ Supporting sweat shop made clothing

Lesson learned: All of life’s most important or serious problems can be boiled down to  a simple list. However  since the dawn of paper we have not been able to find much use for this listing technology, outside of meaningless  pontifications

[2] There are some people discussing and bringing up incredible important things on WordPress, like War, Neo Colonialism, Racial question, US foreign policy. But you would never think it from the freshly pressed excrement that is collaged on WordPress. This is not a knock on WordPress, but us as consumers unwillingly to disengage themselves from escapism to look at the unfamiliar and different

Nothing but a Human  LaToya L. Sawyer  Frontlines of Revolutionary Struggle Gareth Bryant’s Writing Page  The Magic Lantern  Pride’s Purge  Repeating Islands   *** Read Disclaimer below

Lesson Learned: In the words of TS EliotHumankind cannot stand much of reality.” In no way is this seem clearer than in how things are marketed to us.

[3] Luckily a picture says a 1000 words, if it didn’t we would would have to read. Every since in 2nd grade when they started to phase of picture books, there has been a whole, an unfillable void to return with arms opens back to the picture. The current literacy rates in the US and in the inner city are testament to this desperate flight from literacy

Lesson learned:  

Stay Tuned for the next  installment

Mr. Mary Mutha Fucking Poppins

Disclaimer :  The views expressed in this post are those of my own and are not inclusive of the blogs mentioned here.

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