The Genocide Game – France Turkey Revisionist History and the Many Flavors of the same Shit

I knew the deck of cards was tampered with when I realized that the 5 permanent member nation of the United Nations Security Council each in recent history have been responsible in many cases of Genocide, or inhuman treatment of either their own people or some other people. France and England  after years of assaulting each other took both their battle and vitriol to an international stage and out of the anguish that was colonialization America the was born. I don’t think I need to mention much about Mother Russia, the Bolshevik Revolutions, 1908 revolution, Stalin and the Cold War.  When I think of China I think of their efforts to help civilize the Tibetans, and their selling death-causing toothpaste.

What exactly is Genocide

I personally don’t like the how genocide is defined:

Article 2 of the the 1948 United Nations Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide defines genocide as “any of the following acts committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnical, racial or religious group, as such: killing members of the group; causing serious bodily or mental harm to members of the group; deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life, calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part; imposing measures intended to prevent births within the group; [and] forcibly transferring children of the group to another group.”

This definition is too narrow it doesn’t take into account races or groups of people not considered to be people which in America’s Case would be Blacks, Natives, and depending on the fashion trends at the time Japanese.

Also, more importantly there are many acts of hatred and international crimes against humanity that arent targeted at one group like slavery. Look at all the area in read on the map. That’s not one particular group or people. Children weren’t taken, only adults leaving I would imagine a wealth of children completely destitute.

New studies have found that Africa has the greatest genetic diversity amongst human beings. So there isn’t one over arching black race except at the Summer Olympics. Plus like the Olympics many countries took part in this: Portugal, Spain , England Spain, Belgium, Italy. Without their being a black Race there is no such thing as Racism. Same applies for Native American, they aren’t a race, and there is not many left to say otherwise.

History is Written by Victors for a Reason

As all the permanent members on the security counsel  have a pretty large nuclear arsenal I would be more than willing to guess that might rules, Turkey has earned it place in history to next to France England America Russia and China but one step below. Why you ask ? Probably because They aren’t an economic power that holds economic and political sway over foreign countries and former colonial economies. Other than that Turkey has made some serious contributed a lot:

Armenian Genocide The Armenian Genocide also called a host of other names refers to the deliberate and systematic destruction of the Armenian population of the Ottoman Empire during and just after World War I. It was implemented through wholesale massacres and deportations, with the deportations consisting of forced marches under conditions designed to lead to the death of the deportees. The total number of resulting Armenian deaths is generally held to have been between one and one and a half million

Assyrian Genocide The Assyrian Genocide was committed against the Assyrian population of theOttoman Empire during the First World War by the Young Turks. The Assyrian population of northern Mesopotamia was forcibly relocated and massacred by Ottoman forces between 1914 and 1920 under the regime of the Young Turks. This genocide is considered to be a part of the same policy of extermination as the Armenian Genocide and Greek genocide.

Greek Genocide The Greek Genocide refers to the fate of the Greek population of the Ottoman Empire during and in the aftermath of World War I (1914–1923). Like Armenians and Assyrians, the Greeks were subjected to various forms of persecution including massacres, expulsions, and death marches by Young Turks.

Dersim Kurds The Dersim massacre refers to the depopulation of Dersim in Turkish Kurdistan, in 1937-1938, in which approximately 65,000-70,000 Alevi Kurds were killed and thousands were driven into exile. A key component of the Turkification process was the policy of massive population resettlement.

I am not counting other acts and the general air of schadenfreude that pervaded the atmosphere of The Ottoman Empires existence. Fortunately for us The victors write history, they have the best infrastructure that allows them to write and decide what is true and what isnt. Victors also have the manpower and capacity to arrest, imprison and kill anyone who says contrary to the bowdlerized versions of history put out by

What’s Genocide Between Two Mass Murderers

I would think  having  both been responsible for the death and murders of Million  France and Turkey would have much common grounds to build a great friendship upon. They both formerly had empires, they killed millions of people. Yet it seems despite all of that France is too busy enjoying its moral somnolence while Turkey is too busy trying to create an image of itself that is palpable enough to allow it into the European Union. Here are two recent headlines that documented the slight riff between the playground bullies.

Turkey accuses France of genocide in Algeria

Turkey’s prime minister has accused France of having committed genocide during its colonial occupation of Algeria in the latest round of the worst diplomatic row between the two Nato allies in more than a century.

Erdogan said that about 15% of the Algerian population was massacred during the French occupation from 1945 to 1962. “They were mercilessly martyred. If Mr Sarkozy doesn’t know there was a genocide, he can ask his father, Pal Sarkozy … who was a legionnaire in Algeria in the 1940s.

French Assembly Approves Armenian Genocide Law as Turkey Lobbies
The law would punish denial of any genocide recognized by French law with as long as a year in prison and a 45,000-euro ($59,000) fine. The measure, presented by a member of President Nicolas Sarkozy’s party, has been rewritten to remove direct references to Turkey and Armenians. The French parliament voted in 2001 to recognize the World War I massacres of Armenians as genocide. In 2006, the lower house voted to criminalize its denial, though the bill later failed in the Senate.

As of today Turkey has suspended all  political and military relations with France in retaliation for the approval by the French parliament’s lower chamber of a measure that makes it a crime to deny genocide against Armenians a century ago.

Lesson We can all Learn from This

Firstly it sucks to be a victim of Genocide, has anyone seen a Native American ? It’s great to be a mass murder and part of the World’s Security Council and also to wield an morally irresponsible amount of power in the European Union. This allows you to call other people out for their crimes while continuing to  be forgetful about your own like killing 10-15% of a country population in about 17 years.

While a few weeks ago Turkey broke the a taboo on its official rhetoric about the Dersim killings and admitted genocide, the country still rejects Armenian claims of genocide at the hands of the Ottoman Empire during the World War I period. Armenians say that up to 1.5 million of their kin fell victim to genocide in 1915, when the Armenian community across the country was driven from their homes. Turkey refuses to categorise the 1915 killings as genocide, and counters that only 300,000 to 500,000 Armenians were killed.

I am confidant that one day though The Armenian Genocide will be recognized especially when there are impactfully engaged celebrities engaged in promoting Armenian culture like the Kardashians.

I would like to take a pause and congratulate the French who have made fashion and couture, fine living so popular while making us forget that there  is cost someone (usually someone else) has to bear.  At the end of the day does it matter, France or turkey or America ? Its the same story that’s been playing out for centuries, same flavor of horse shit different vendors


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