Twisted Logic: Why I Dont Vote for anything Politically Related 10 reasons

When Obama was running for President everyone was up in my face asking how come I was voting for Obama.  Normally I am guessing if you are reading this you would imagine that I was wearing an Obama pin hat or other paraphernalia. Actually I wasn’t wearing anything to support Obama, it was my revitaligo – my medical condition were every year my skin color gets darker and darker. There was this idea that like attracts like that darkness like to pool together for no reason other than some strange reverse osmosis like behavior. But I turned thing around when I proclaimed that I don’t vote, and I would like to share the reason why:

  1. I  think I am shallow and given my focus only on the things I like, maybe a little retarded. A large population full of uneducated, self absorbed greedy bastards doesnt produce saints.  Even the writers of the Bible and most Holy Books know this. Prophets have to come down to administer law and justice and understanding and leave and then another comes back
  2. Democracy or rule by majority necessitates logically a minority whose views are not taken into account. Because of my aforementioned skin disease I have a lot of insight about this minority. It seem that that minority has a certain racial, social and geopolitical characteristics.
  3. Between deciding on a restaurant or ‘fun activity’ with my wife and my inlaws I have tried voting and it always sucks every time.  When I voted in my high school student council elections nothing happened, the cooler more edgier names of school dances  didn’t even increase the teen pregnancy rates for that academic year.
  4.  A representative government is never the source of change and innovation. They are like the cops in the action movie they come in after everything is over. This is because most of the efforts of government officials is geared towards keeping their position first. No one wants to be too be too progressive or too conservative, just enough  to get re-elected.

What about you, why do you or don’t you Vote


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