Why returning to religion isn’t going to Save America. Indefinite Imprisonment will

I saw some political bloggers post that the only way for America to be saved is to return back to Jesus. Holy shit!!!  Who Knew?!?!?!?  That’s all it takes.  The America Psyche and conscious has always been tended to by a shadowy bicameral spiritual bodies of Government. One one side we have Church and the other side State both vying for complete and total control, neither looking for balance.  It’s quite typical when facing harsh times to venture to an extreme highly polarized option. I think Anton Chekhov had something to say about this:

Any idiot can face a crisis – it’s day to day living that wears you out.

The Quote:

The answer to america’s problems is simple: return to Jesus.  If america wants to succeed  then it must return to jesus christ.  The churches in this country must change the hearts of millions of people no longer follow Gods way.  The people have lost their love and fear for go.  If things do not change it is only going to get worse.  People must fear god . ( deu 10:20)( eph 5:21 ) They must have faith and love in God.  If they do then they will do well with the things that God gives them.   If they don’t then they will not well with the things that God gives them.(matt 24:24-30)

I will list some reasons why I think, spying on people and indefinitely imprisoning them is a much better strategy for America.

My Spoonfuls of Reasons (2 tbsp worth)

I will list the reasons below. please keep in mind I am very patriotic and love America, like the rich love debauchery. However I think that the more we know about the past actions the better we can find ways to give back to our country. <Actually a comment without snark – don’t get used to it>

  1. To return to a place indicates that you have been there before. I cannot yet locate the time in American History when we had were with Christ as a whole nation. There was the Tuskegee Experiment, Jim Crow laws, Slavery, Genocide of the Natives, there was the imperialism of the 20th century, the Cold War, CIA death Squads in Latin America. Toppling Iran’s democratically elected government, the occupation of Haiti, selling of weapons to Trujilio,  giving money to Duvalier in Haiti, leaving Afghanistan prematurely without any infrastructure in the 80’s.
  2. Even if Every American becomes christian, everyone will have different ways of interpreting and expressing what Christ wants. Some Christians think raping and sodomizing children are good, some flagellate themselves to atone for sins. Some christian are for abortion , some are against, some like missionary style some don’t. There is no way to get all a country under a single banner, especially a religious one whose factions have been fighting for supremacy and power for centuries even before settlers came to this country
  3. Jesus wasn’t a Christian and as a result of not being a Christian he has  a good idea of what would happen if he spoke against the church. For someone who can rise from the dead  he hasn’t come back much since last time. I can tell he is so over Earth, his Mom shows up everywhere now at Fatima at Guadelupe   because she has been nagging him to come back but he doesn’t want to. So she comes as a way to entice him to come. My mom did the same when I didn’t want to take out the garbage.  Anyways the second coming was a metaphoric not physical DUH!!!

The case for Indefinite detention and removal of civil rights

When civil rights and spying on the populace ensue, especially when there is  a war going on against an unknown enemy who can be anywhere in any country, doing a host of not specific things described as sedition people will either become spiritually impotent, or they will dedicate hours of news show coverage to it which leads to impotency.  When enough of the populace is neutered and prefers to turn blind eyes to things they can be made to believe that America is ok and never better. It worked for Jim Jones the Kool Aid guy!!

I for sure am not going to rise up, I am going to continue working at the <1984 reference> Ministry of Truth, hoping to flog a a young dark haired female with my rubber truncheon. </1984 reference>


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  1. Uh, I sort of feel like I took a wrong turn somewhere and ended up in an empty movie theater and the movie is really good but no one else is here. Oh, and there’s no popcorn, either. You are following my posts and so I checked you out. I have high standards about who follows me. Anyway, here you are. And you have a brain. And a sense of humor. And you don’t write about cats. (I do, sometimes, but I try to keep it to a minimum.) But I am the only one here, so it’s strange. I have no idea who you are, and I see you are a new blogger. That’s a shame because we all need serious help. It’s an addiction with no romantic imagry, just disheveled people sitting in front of computer screens. So, I’m going to follow you because you actually have something to say. Which is amazing. And also because I think the earth is about to hurtle off a cliff and not many people are noticing because they are at Target.


    • I really loved your comment and am honored you are following me. I just came across your comments today. WordPress seemed to think it was Spam. I have been an blogger on and off over the years. I wrote about a plethora of things but one day all of a sudden I felt the need revisit satire. I have liked your postings and look forward to reading more. Hope you are well

      Mr Mary


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