How to Live with yourself when the Shoe is On the Other Foot

I am an undercover spy, however I am in a league of my own. What do I mean by this. Well for starters I am first generation here in America my family is from a place with a lot of minorities, though on my delusional players card, I am from ‘ya momma’s house’ . I am a statistical anomaly. I in habit many  level of  socio-economical/political/ other strata. This allows me a perspicacious look at both  London, France and America’s underpants and  culture.

I have discovered two things, one of which I will talk about. Namely

  1.  Racism didn’t seemingly disappear when Obama was elected President. I was as surprised as you are
  2.  People are very forgetful that others have been in similar situations than them and come out fine.

Shoes on the other Foot

Because people were filmed meditating at Occupy Wall Street it was labeled a spiritual movement. In the same way if I am filmed taking a dump in someone’s salad I must be in the bathroom not on their dinner table. I noticed that initially a lot of the outraged that sparked the OWS movement was sparked not out of a care for our fellow human beings. It seemed that the  “middle class” only gets up in arms when its own interests are threatened and forgets about  the rest of the time when the truly poor remain so.

I think we have all been aware of the currption in government for a long time. We all agree politicians are liars and don’t put much faith in them. We have stopped believing in the reality of what they say yet we continue onward  not too concerned, until our interests are threatened. This goes not just for OWS but many things

New Article: Twin Boys, One Transgender, Become Brother and Sister

Their parents, Wayne and Kelly Maines, said they brought their transgender daughter into the spotlight in the hopes that their story might shed light on the struggle of others.

“We sat down with our kids at the breakfast table when they were 9 and talked about fear, hate, evil and freedom of speech before sending them to school,” their father, Wayne Maines, 52, wrote in an email to

My father and mother told me that speech from day one and still do not because I am transgendered, but because I of my ‘revitaligo’ – medical condition where every year I get darker and darker. If you looked at my picture from the 80’s to now you would think you were shopping for the right shade of darkness at Home Depot. Coincidentally  my autobiography will be call from Egg White to Black Hawk Down

Putting Sugar on Hold

I’m not trying to take away from this family’s struggle. I want to point to a trend that we are are quite self absorbed in our own drama  and it takes sometimes a calamity to make us look at whats going on.  We are really deaf to the suffering of our neighbor. we really don’t care, which is why when the save the Children Commercials comes on they show  us such shocking and horrific images.  Many terrorists who we are at war with got followers through giving food and medical attention to the poor.

That says a lot doesn’t it ?


Question: How to Live with yourself when the Shoe is On the Other Foot ?

Answer: Educate yourself on the plight of others  beyond the bowdlerised/ intellectually sanitized drivel  given to you by the media and your university. Go out read investigate talk to people.

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