Modern remake of Oedipus Rex

While perusing the net I came across a most unusual relationship that signal to me the reality of the inchoate dystopia we now inhabit as a society. Momentarily I became Jerry Springer and decided to re-tool this story and put it here as a synopsis for a new movie to hit theatres soon.

Background Story?

Most often the cases of  schadenfreude i read about are confined to either American History or the colonial aspirations of European countries in the 1800’s. But the horror today took me into a realm that I normally dare not venture to go, the realm of the psuedo spiritual. I happened across a 50 + years old woman who I shall refer to as Nana  flirting with a man in his early 20’s. While there is nothing wrong with this supposed salacious union on the surface, just lurking below there lies a much deeper darker plot twist reminiscent of my favorite greek tragedy “My Big Fat Greek WeddingOedipus Rex.

I am a fan of cougars – older women who make ample use of plastic surgery and financial stability to lure young men into the knotted, liver spotted hands of an intimate embrace. Why  because I support Oil of Olay products – they are master of the dark art of chemistry and marketing and they do my skin right. (TANGENT: They also have a whole line of  anti aging creams.  It is my theory that Oil of Olay anti aging has found a way to stimulate the the brain of old women responsible for a deluded self image. This would explain the birthday card full of ones or a check from an old community savings bank no one has heard from on the night stand the next morning and cookies wrapped in napkins.)

The young man’s soul belong to the soul of the teenage son of this wizened syphilitic cougar who died in a horrible car crash. Word on the street is that he was inspired by the movie Wraith (by Charlie Sheen) to race through the streets at irresponsible speeds head first into a library.

What this Means

What this mean is that love conquers all, the love of the soul can be expressed through simultaneously expression of motherly and sexual feelings as the Greeks have shown in their famous export and in my profuse vomiting at the thought. Luckily its an internet relationship and the two can get therapy before the authorities are called in. In the meanwhile this couple can continue being the spiritual power team

What do you think:

Possible Cast:

  1. Deranged Woman: Betty White
  2. Young Man: Jaden Smith
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