Politicians rethinking Spitting on Illegals Alabama looks for next minority group

In a scathing critic of the harsh ani immigration law I decided to throw away all my Lynyrd Skynyrd records partially because Alabama was on of the states that enacted the harsh anti immgration law. All the immigrants left and as a result $$$$ millions of produce went unpicked. Americans don’t want to work that badly.

So now some politician are thinking it will and maybe time to change some of the harsh anti immigration laws. Alabama on the other hand is looking for another minority group to add to its list, of minority groups to treat well. We are moving down the color spectrum: we are going from Black to Mexican (and other Central American groups, maybe through in some Southern American groups for spice).

Actual Head Line and Quote:

Ala. GOP leaders have 2nd thoughts on immigration

Alabama Republicans who pushed through the nation’s toughest law against illegal immigrants are having second thoughts amid a backlash from big business, fueled by the embarrassing traffic stops of two foreign employees tied to the state’s prized Honda and Mercedes plants.

The Republican attorney general is calling for some of the strictest parts of it to be repealed.
Some Republican lawmakers say they now want to make changes in the law that was pushed quickly through the legislature.

Gov. Robert Bentley, who signed the law, said he’s contacting foreign executives to tell them they and their companies are still welcome in Alabama. “We are not anti-foreign companies. We are very pro-foreign companies,” he said.

Quote Translated:

We care about things when money is involved and would have considered Christ to be an anticommunist supporter when he through the money traders out the temple and gave a samarian women a drink.

My Stunning Piece on the Immigration Law

I’m always at the forefront of everything, right now I am at the forefront of your attention if you are reading this. In my article which can be read here:

How Alabama Fights growing Obecity rates: Spitting on and Mistreating the Illegals who pick our produce

I let everyone know that the benign politicians had a plan, they are fighting the growing obesity epidemic.

Fattest state ranking 2011

  • Mississippi claimed the title of fattest state for the sixth consecutive year
  • Alabama remained in second place

We can kill to birds with one stone before they are eaten by a Alabamian who is going to die soon with plaque filled arteries.

Of course no one wanted to follow my lead on this and admit this was a clandestined approach to helping the fattest of the fat states loose weight. Instead people have erroneously pointed to Alabama’s past as a safe heaven for terminally ill minorities who didn’t know it was their time to go.

This is why the governor doesnt even talk about it:

The governor says he’s declined many national TV interviews about the law because he doesn’t want to fuel comparisons with what he sees as Alabama’s long gone past. “It’s going to take us a long time to outlive those stereotypes that are out there among people that Alabama is living in the ’50s and ’60s,” Bentley said.

But in the last few months, it’s been brought up regularly. Day suspects competing states are portraying Alabama as hostile to foreigners even though he says that is not the truth. Based on the questions he gets from industrial prospects, he also believes competing states are recounting stories from Alabama’s civil rights past.


The past is past, there are no racial or other problems in Alabama.  People are too fat to burn crosses and lynch people. It’s much easier to do it covertly, less work less sweat. This immigration bill was passed to create more jobs, and Alabama has  had unemployment go down by 0.01%.  This of course is precisely due to the Immigration law though no real data says that yet as some have argued its too early to tell.

Some articles have stated that some decreases in unemployment rate are to be attributed to people simply not reporting unemployment any more and just giving up. I think personally this increase in employment is due to more people dying from obesity. I think otherwise it would be silly to  imagine that Americans don’t want the jobs many illegals had before they left or that the million and maybe billions of $ of unpicked produce won’t hurt Alabama at all.

PS: Next sort of Minority group to be Picked on

Alabama law limits students’ gifts to teachers

 An Alabama teacher who accepts a Christmas ham or a $25 gift card from a student is breaking Alabama’s ethics law. The possible penalty? Up to a year in jail and a $6,000 fine for the teacher who accepts the gift.

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