Jonathan and The Live at my Mother’s Home Guru Syndrome

As one travels through the Internet and also through reality one find many charalatans, some of which turn out to be some sort of deviants. Luckily there is a name for those kinds of people, we call them Roman Catholics where I am from. Years of bigotry, sodomy and wine-worship have changed their outlook on life, playgrounds children and speaking for the truth. But I digress.

Someone told me today about a young guru who has plunged to the depth of the mystical experience. What the fuck dies that mean, I don’t know. He is so deep he came out of the earth on the other side, he is so deep he is back on the surface, (last one) he so deep he is coming out some dude’s mouth.

While this great soul has gone to the depth of the mystical experience, he was careful enough to make sure to have his mom transform the basement into a nice pad. His mom who caters to his every need, he doesn’t work, he is a moocher, not going to college. This fuck is the next spiritual leader if according to some half brain lady in an online spiritual relationship with him.

But as I was told the economy is tough staying with him mom is the right thing to do. He still has things to work on, like his beer belly, and his love of Asian porn. Other than that he has gone really far !!!

I think its people like this who give liars animals a bad name, as a reformed liar I know my limits and I try not to bring my lie onto the Internet. What do you think ?

Mr Mary Muthafuckin Poppins

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