Mystics aren’t relationship Self-Help Gurus and you aren’t what You claim to be

There are some things which I find hard to let go of, for instance a bag of Cheetos or the remote control. But in all seriousness, I hate these misappropriated Rumi quotes. People who rip these quotes remind me of the British Museum in that they rape and pillage various traditions just for us to enjoy the brief illusion that we are cultured and knowledgeable.

Mystics Aren’t Relationship Counselors 

Rumi's Poetry which was a commentary on the Qur'an is now a self help tool for getting laid.

I did some research especially as a fictitious expert on Middle Eastern Affairs as to one of the major themes of the Quran. One of the major themes of the Quran is the immediacy of the presence of God. Check this out:


NOW, VERILY, it is We who have created man, and We know what his innermost self whispers within him: for We are closer to him than his neck-vein.  [And so,] whenever the two demands [of his nature] come face to face, contending from the right and from the left, not even a word can he utter but there is a watcher with him, ever-present.

For me the Rumi quotes speaks more to the mystical experience  whereby the absolute is ever present but I don’t want to pollute your mind with my expertise opinions. Check out the following from Wikipedia

His Masnavi contains anecdotes and stories derived largely from the Quran and the hadith, as well as everyday tales. On the first page of the Masnavi, Rumi states:

Hadha kitâbu ‘l- mathnawîy wa huwa uSûlu uSûli uSûli ‘d-dîn wa kashshâfu ‘l-qur’ân.
This is the book of the Masnavi, and it is the roots of the roots of the roots of the (Islamic) Religion and it is the Explainer of the Qur’ân.

The famous (15th century) Sufi poet Jâmî, said of the Masnavi,

“Hast qur’ân dar zabân-é pahlawî”
It is the Qur’ân in Persian.

Seyyed Hossein Nasr states:

One of the greatest living authorities on Rûmî in Persia today, Hâdî Hâ’irî, has shown in an unpublished work that some 6,000 verses of the Dîwân and the Mathnawî are practically direct translations of Qur’ânic verses into Persian poetry.

So Now What 

Yes I know everyone is free to do whatever they like and if they want to take a quote out of context and use it to get laid that fine too. That isn’t a crime. Quoting spiritual quotes and raping traditions does not make one spiritual only a hyppocrite. One reason I love my atheist friends  so much is that they use common sense in all departments of their lives.  Just as reading men’s Health doesn’t make one physically fit, witha  great wardrobe and  Don Juan in the bedroom and by Don Juan I mean pleonastic riddled with itches disease and a pervasive emptiness, posting quotes to pep one’s self up doesnt make one spiritual that makes one a poster board for self denial and ignoring therapy.

Best example Would be from catholicism where Jesus said: Suffer little children, and forbid them not, to come unto me: for of such is the kingdom of heaven. Some priest have taken that seriously and send many kids searching for answers and the police. I don’t believe Jesus intended the Rape [and subsequent cover up] of children. Luckily for us Rumi aside from 6,000 verses of the Dîwân and the Mathnawî  being practically direct translations of Qur’ânic verses into Persian poetry, he clearly states:

Rumi says; “Renounce the love of form. Love of faces and forms is not love..”

Sizzling Hot Research Quotes

According to Rumi and others like him, if you love the face or form of anything this is not the  love of which he spoke. Such love cannot be satiated in egocentric, romantic love; nor can it be discovered in New Age fadism or by conformity to legalistic  or literalistic forms of religion.

– From the Book Sufism and the Way of Blame

But what do sufis know of their own tradition? Next to nothing if you ask me  which is why I am uniquely qualified to talk about their tradition. Please read below my official decree.

Official Decree:

You don’t have to outwardly steal or rob materials from other lands to be a socio-cultural sodomite. You can enjoy the same title by being a Westerner who without taking a moment to educate oneself transforms spiritual material which is the heirloom of every man and woman alive who feels called, into a commodity and sell it for both your and another’s emotional high.You just as bad as Monseigneur’s  secretary at the rectory who sends children looking to serve God into the figurative lion’s den of sexual abuse.

Enjoy the following:

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  2. Yes, words are not the thing itself and thus there is no possible way for words not to be interpreted and thus, corrupted, and more destructive, used for the pursuit of power or pleasure. Every mediocre must be proficient at public speaking or writing and the most powerful tool to use for collecting masses is the so called word of God – as interpreted by said mediocre hahaha

    Actually, in a sense the Sufi approaches God as the great beloved, speaks of God as one would speak to a lover. Using Rumi quotes as analogies for biologically and psychologically driven relationships is by no means relevant.

    Rajneesh (Osho) once said that Buddhism died with the Buddha. The same must hold true for Jesus. Why? Because the Buddha’s words, Christ’s words, are not the realization itself. Buddha’s presence itself was energy and people were naturally drawn, as with Jesus (I suppose)…but from the moment of their deaths their words are like stones in a pond, over time the ripples they cause grow larger, wider, reaching the entire pond but as we know the ripples grow weaker as they move outward…the message is dulled, corrupted.

    In any case, I didn’t mean to talk this much, but these are the thoughts that came to mind upon reading your post.


      • Thanks for your comments. For such nice comments to which I will respond to soon, I will tell you a story, a secret story that goes back to the ancient days, to the time before Conan the Barbarian and the alcoholic writer who birthed that story, all the way to a few hundred years ago.

        Nasruddin used to stand in the street on market-days, to be pointed out as an idiot. No matter how often people offered him a large and a small coin, he always chose the smaller piece. One day a kindly man said to him: Nasruddin, you should take the bigger coin. Then you will have more money and people will no longer be able to make a laughing stock of you. That may be true, said Nasruddin, but if I always take the larger, people will stop offering me money to prove that I am more idiotic than they are. Then I would have no money at all.

        🙂 What do you think?


  3. Hahaha yes, is the fool the one who is giving money away for free or the one receiving money on a consistent basis for what? Simply for allowing people to indulge in their own cleverness as though it were a reflection of the so called fool and not a reflection of their own inner idiot. Well people will pay good money to feel ‘above’ someone else, but it’s the man who believes he is wise that’s the fool. Only a fool who sees his foolishness is foolish no more.

    I’m reminded of the Beatles song – “Nobody wants to know him, they can see that he’s just a fool. He doesn’t give an answer but the fool on the hill sees the sun going down but the eyes in his head see the world spinning round” – yes, he doesn’t give an answer because he is not interested in moving along the petty scales of judgement and comparison…he is interested in SEEING for it’s own sake. In Knowing. Will I ever care if a fool calls me a fool? hahahaha

    As for Conan…I have no doubt that the writer who ‘birthed that story’ was an alcoholic though I did used to love watching those movies growing up…totally haha

    Thanks for the story, I liked it a lot.


    • Im glad you liked the story, I hope it added a little sugar/sweetness/empty calories to your day. It always makes me laugh, my significant other always calls me a fool yet continues to stay around.

      Cool Beatles reference! I wonder if people knew that a lot of the charity they do was for the sake of posing and outright douchebaggery. I like your comment and your style. Your always welcome here on the blog :-). I hope the stuff I say on the blog doesn’t offend your sensibilities. my responces and thought range many extremes

      -Mr Mary


      • Well one doesn’t become wise or foolish based on what others call him hahaha But maybe your significant other is wise to keep a fool around…may be more clever than you think hahaha 😉

        Thank you for your extended welcome, you too are welcome always on mine. And as you know appreciation is always appreciated haha As for your ‘thought ranges’…so it IS and let it be. I am not easily offended on a personal level. 🙂


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