The Armenian Genocide, Turkey’s Moral Somnolence, and Syria

Straight from the Associated Press

“You can only continue with tanks and guns to a certain point, the day will come when you will go,” Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan said during a speech at an international religion conference in Istanbul. “Sooner or later, the oppressed will win.”

In a strange example of a new-found national conscience Turkey warned Syria‘s president Monday that he cannot continue to oppress his people with tanks and guns forever, even as Syrian soldiers opened fire on at least two buses carrying Turkish citizens, witnesses and officials said. Turkey has allowed Syrian refugees and military defectors to take refuge on its soil, and Syria’s political opposition has used Turkey as a place to meet and organize.

Good News

It seems that instead of growing a pair and continuing to execute Kurds, Turkey has grown a heart. With it’s new found  consciousness something else has happened to that I would never believe: the following pictures says it all

Erdogan apologises to Kurds for mass killing Turkish PM issues first official apology over military campaign in Tunceli that killed nearly 14,000 Kurds in the 1930s.

Erdogan said that the air strikes and ground operations in the city of Dersim – now named Tunceli – killed 13,800 people between 1936 and 1939, according to an official document of the time, that he cited in his speech.

“Dersim is one of the most tragic events of our near history. It is a disaster waiting to be enlightened and boldly questioned,” Erdogan said.

Please ignore the fact that 12 days ago Turkish Military launch airstrikes on northern Iraqi Kurdistan in the latest operation against Kurdish PKK rebels sheltering in the remote area. Fortunately for us this is justified because  The European Union and the United States, as well as Turkey, regard the PKK as a terrorist organization. Talk about timing!

I’m glad Turkey is trying to really be  a voice of reason to the Assad regime in Syria. Turkey has learned this lesson the hard way with historic moments of denied  ethnic cleansing and genocide. According to Turkey ethnic cleansing gives the oppressed the opportunity to rethink life’s big questions and their place in the world, by place I mean mass grave. In a global society marked by indecision, who can get upset when extreme measures are used to help people make up their minds. It was a move in the name of efficiency.

Bad News

While Turkey is breaking a taboo on its official rhetoric about the Dersim killings, the country rejects Armenian claims of genocide at the hands of the Ottoman Empire during the World War I period. Armenians say that up to 1.5 million of their kin fell victim to genocide in 1915, when the Armenian community across the country was driven from their homes. Turkey refuses to categorise the 1915 killings as genocide, and counters that 300,000 to 500,000 Armenians.

You know the saying you will 14,000 plus you can issue an apology, you kill 500,000 to 1.5 million you ignore it and make it a crime for anyone to bring it up. If I take the median value 900,000  that still quite significant as 3.2 million people live in Armenia today

About the Armenian Genocide

{From Wikipedia} It [The Armenian Genocide] is widely acknowledged to have been one of the first modern genocide as scholars point to the systematic, organized manner in which the killings were carried out to eliminate the Armenians,and it is the second most-studied case of genocide after the Holocaust. The word genocide  was coined in order to describe these events.

The starting date of the genocide is conventionally held to be April 24, 1915, the day when Ottoman authorities arrested some250 Armenian intellectuals and community leaders in Constantinople.[21][22] Thereafter, the Ottoman military uprooted Armenians from their homes and forced them to march for hundreds of miles, depriving them of food and water, to the desert of what is now Syria. Massacres were indiscriminate of age or gender, with rape and other sexual abuse commonplace. The majority of Armenian diaspora communities were founded as a result of the Armenian genocide.

The Republic of Turkey, the successor state of the Ottoman Empire, denies the word genocide is an accurate description of the events. In recent years, it has faced repeated calls to accept the events as genocide. To date, twenty countries haveofficially recognized the events of the period as genocide, and most genocide scholars and historians accept this view.


If we go by the Turkish goverments telling of history there was no genocide and I believe that mostly because I would like to visit Turkey and not be arrested for insulting Turkishness. I believe of course before venturing to visit a travel agent that, Turkey telling Syria to curb violence against its denizens is like the United States telling other countries to respect the rights of Indigenous peoples. What this means though is that Turkey has just the right about of  hypocrisy needed to be a player on the international scene.

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      • omg yay! do you like system of a down? they’re all of Armenian descent and have a song dedicated to the genocide.


      • Yeah I am big fan of SOAD and Karo Parisian. Initially my number one critique of Kim Kardashian that as a celebrity she could do a lot more for Armenian and bringing knowledge about the Genocide. But its not my call to judge really. Armenia is an ancient place and there is much we can all benefit from a culture that has lived so long esp in light of the current global problems we are all facing. I am likeing the shouting match between France and Turkey each accusing the other of Genocide. Im writing a post about it called tentatively: The Genocide Game – France Turkey and the Many Flavors of the Same Shit. I hope you will like it, in the meanwhile best wishes to you and yours for the holidays


  1. happy holidays to you and yours too! that sounds like it will be a good read. I like the way you write and I really agree with you on everything. the Kardashians are an embarrassment to Armenia and America. I do think they could be doing a lot more for our little home country. but whatevs.


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