Kim Kardashian Thanksgiving Special


The Gods of Satire have blessed us all with Kim Kardashian. I poke fun at her because I am certain that is if I had that much money without having to go through the degrading and difficult ramifications of the immigrant experience in America I would have been a tyrant, a career philanderer with an appetite for human flesh worse than Idi Amin Dada figuratively of course. But to be honest I added the name Kim Kardashian to draw you into reading the blog. It’s like Emeril Lagasse adding extra garlic. He does it not so much for taste but to draw you in further to capture you with his slight of hand (hopefully it was washed before the commerical break.)

While it is easy to make fun of others in order to point at our collective cultural insanity, it’s difficult to get out there and do something to help others. So I have to salute Ms Kardashian serving Thanksgiving Meals to the Homeless. Though it’s not my place to doubt the sincerity of such an act but its nice to see Ms Kardashian serving meat to the needy, instead of being served meat by the untalented (to a bad soundtrack).

Thoughts on Thanksgiving

This generous act of Ms Kardashian has transformed me, I don’t feel the constant need to be a dick. Rather I would like to reflect on Thanksgiving. For years I could never celebrate the holiday due to financial issues. To date in my 30 year existence I have been able to celebrate it 4-5 times. It is a very weird experience to be quite hungry and while walking the around, be pleonastically assaulted with the sights smells and sounds of gluttony. America is truly a blessed nation despite all of its historic problems with national identity, race, class warfare, and foreign policy to name a few I am happy to be an American

Sometimes on those nights I would wonder about a lot of things like for example America calling itself a Christian nation. We have so much to be thankful for yet it seems that we never get around to gratitude, always some celebrity in the news trying to remake her public image with staged acts of kindness, or a war, or an awards show, or our favorite serial TV show to watch.

I wonder if we could imagine for a moment the number of people who died so that we can enjoy our freedom. I don’t mean American soldiers only, I mean the people in the country of governments we toppled like Iran, or when after arming the Mujahideen to fight the Communist in Afghanistan in the 80’s we just left them without infrastructure or assistance and in part played a hand in creating the messy situation we have there now, I don’t know where to start with Latin America, leftist, rightists, sadinistas, CIA death Squad …..

Things I am grateful for:

I am happy and grateful; thankful for so much kindness being shown to me by people even though I am a dick.  I can go on and on about the things I would like to say thank you for. Instead of doing that I would like to wish you all a day of reflectful thanksgiving.


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