How Alabama Fights growing Obecity rates: Spitting on and Mistreating the Illegals who pick our produce


NEWS FLASH: Americans Are Fat, and Expected To Get Much Fatter!!!   – If Americans stay on this path, 83 percent of men will be overweight or obese by 2020. Women are right behind them, with 72 percent projected to be overweight or obese by then.


Here is what YOU can do about it:

The Only Fool Proof Solution is to support and implement like Alabama – the southern state that has  historically been the moral epicenter of America, tough new  law that targets Illegals families and sends them fleeing. With no one to pick the crops, acres and acres of fields are sitting there going to waste. Wasted food has  positive ramifications for our war on obesity:

  1. We can no longer clog the arteries that feed the heart of America’s moral compass with excessive food and nutrients. As the moment between mouthfuls extends for longer and longer periods we can actually run the necessary diagnostic test to see if we should get an artificial one.
  2. This allows us to maintain our status as a hypocritical Christian Nation without having to spend money to maintain like we did when we dropped both bombs and food on Afghanistan.

How Apathy and Wastefulness Affects The Nation

[ This mechanism you see below has been adapted from the free-radical halogenation common to industrial synthesis of organic molecules.]
  • Initiation:  (Food Going to Waste) x [(Less available food  + General Obstinacy)] => Eating less
  • Elongation: Eating Less => Increased Levels of Self Absorption and Crankiness => Increased levels of Wasting
  • Termination: At a critical level of wastefulness we totally don’t care about being our brothers keeper and chase them away so we can wallow in our sorrow and gluttonous thoughts


Proofs That it is Works

Crackdown on illegal immigrants left crops rotting in Georgia fields

The farmers said they lacked 40 percent of the total work force they needed. The numbers come from self-reported surveys completed by 189 farmers of onions, watermelons, bell peppers, cucumbers, squash, blueberries and blackberries, said John McKissick, director of the University of Georgia Center for Agribusiness and Economic Development, which is compiling the report.

It’s a snapshot of just a small fraction of Georgia’s farmers overall. The surveyed farmers hold just short of half the state’s overall acreage for those seven crops. And the seven crops examined in the study accounted for just 5 percent of Georgia’s $11.3 billion in farm products from 2009, according to the agribusiness center’s last annual report. The growers association reported other figures estimating even broader economic losses, based on the $74.9 million figure, but McKissick said those numbers were not scientifically derived.


What the Lamestream Media Doesn’t Want You to Know

  1. The Constitution guarantees the fundamental rights and civil liberties of every person in America. The country was founded on the principles of liberty and justice for all and yet we are now witnessing an unprecedented attack on immigrants’ rights through laws and polices that codify discrimination against immigrants.

  2. By paying taxes and Social Security, immigrants contribute far more to government coffers than they use in social services.

  3. Immigration has a positive effect on the American economy as a whole and on the income of native-born workers.
  4. Almost all immigrants pay income taxes even though they can’t benefit from most federal and state local assistance programs and all immigrants pay sales and property taxes.


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  1. […] Ban Minorities from working in fast food, and anywhere else these sugar drinks can be bought  entertainment, etc watch the food fucking rot because like it did in the fields in Alabama when they kicked all the illegal immigrants out. Seems the people who felt that the  illegals were taking american jobs  don’t want to work them (check my article on this) […]


  2. With that ass crack, I thought you wrote, “Alabama – the southern state that has historically been the moral SPHINCTER of America” …

    As long as there are guys who walk around with ass cracks like that, you’re going to get people making up stupid laws like this.


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