if you have noticed, I share a lot my thought and reflections on things happening in the world around me. I do not share equally things that happen interiorly. The sincere expression of human emotion is to me the most transcendental and  transformative of things.  To express sincere emotion is to place one’s self in a place of vulnerability and for me that is not something I do unless I get to know someone.

Monday August 5th, I turned 32, and I feel like I have lived many lives in one  which has its merits I must say. I don’t give a shit that I have some wrinkles and grey hairs. I don’t wanna hold on to my youth. I have some things I want to do with my life before it’s over and be on my way  and I find the idea of dying doesnt bother me as much as the idea of physical suffering does.

What really got me this birthday, was the happy bday wishes I got from some of you on Facebook or on twitter in particular my friend Marj from the blog http://justmarj.wordpress.com sent me. Between bouts of epic debauchery and fornication I would get happy bdays messages and it was nice to spread out the love both figuratively and literally that day. My friend Marj dedicated a whole post to my bday which means a lot. This is one of things she said

This friend of mine has been with me here for almost a year now. He’s been like a younger brother to me and I’m sure he considers me like an elder sister. We kind of made a pact in the not so distant past we’re gonna be pals for as long as we can. Well, I’m counting on that.  I guess part of the reason why my camaraderie with him has been, so far, my most successful and the longest one is because we do not take each other so seriously. Sometimes we are there for each other, sometimes we’re not, but the connection stays anyway. The exchange between us has always been lighthearted – not much expectation as what usual friends hold. Nonetheless, we respect each other and try to be sensitive towards what either of us might be going through. Also one of the most intelligent WordPress writers I’ve ever met, this dear friend of mine has recently moved to his new home in New Jersey with his long-time lady. I’m happy for them and wish them quite well.

Marj and I chit chat whenever we have the time which is an amazing feat as there is a 12 hour time difference between our respective places. We talk lightheartedly sometime seriously and this has been one of my proudest accomplishments: to talk to someone sincerely.  She tells me not to drink so much at times, and I tell her not to work so much and to drink some, and it works. I am always happy to see her online when I do. This is one gift that blogging has brought. I do not like too much attention on me, maybe its my best intimation of piety. Marj has said an awful lot of nice things about me and written a poem.

I don’t know what else to say so here is a video,  My connection at best is quite shitty so bear with my blogging pace and getting back to your comments