Someone I know is an editor for  printed and online content and we sat down to talk about blogging.  They were surprised to know I have a blog because I don’t share with friends and family. I got a good critique. AspoonfulOfSuga isn’t a popular blog because of the following reasons:

  1. I don’t promote it. If you come you come, if you stay you stay. If you want to talk with me I would be more than happy to chat with you. There is no compulsion on my part to make you want to stay. I am happy when you do and I am super happy for everyone who returns to chat or like or comment. That’s means to me that there is something worthwhile here that you return for
  2. My writing is dense at times and long, nobody wants to read anything longer than 500 words. People want to be entertained and  the topics I like writing about aren’t entertaining
  3. Sometimes I like to joke around too much. The picture of me on the toilet is not going to be popular with certain key demographics, the dirty jokes don’t help. Some people think I am a pervert.
  4. I don’t subscribe to a happy cheerful view of the world I don’t think things will get better and we will fucking hold hands and jerk each other off into a kind of vapid satiety that we can easily and purposefully take as a utopia.
  5. I poke fun at things people like  a lot and use to escape their spiritual (non-religious here) depravity of their existence

I could go on but you can see where I am going with things.  The reason why I bring this up is because I am wondering for how much longer should I continue blogging.  I will break 1000 posts soon in less than 2 years so its a valid concern I think and I also think a job I applied for found their way to my blog which I thought couldnt happen because I had covered up my tracks sufficiently.

fuckSometimes I feel that my blogging gets in the way of my  writing and I want to publish something in 2013. Between the two jobs it gets really difficult to write write, it’s rather easy to blog-write. Before and during the first part of the depressive episode out of which this blog was born I was working on a cool manuscript. I did interviews  and wrote some substantial stuff that I feel people interested in the genre would really like and benefit from. Judging from the lack of a plan or goals for this blog other than just to write I think I’ve done pretty well and if I had to bow out I’d be pretty ok with stuff but still wonder about my longevity here on wordpress


My Question for you is:

What keep you blogging? What keep the fire for it going ?

Why do you feel people keep coming back to your blog


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