Tomorrow is a historic day. Not because of the election but because I am going to vote as an experiment. It is my goal to provide commentary on the election as part of a book I’m putting together. (It’s a series of  disparate reflections before during and after the  election.)  When such a precious historic moment is upon us it deserves to be recorded in the annals of history which is why I will be live tweeting my voting experience starting from whenever it is I wake up till i got to sleep. There is a lil voyeur in all of you, and I’m bring it out for my first time.

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#Poliginity (Loosing My Political Virginity)

Elections have a serious sexual subtext to them. Two candidates like the hookers in Hunt Point (Bronx NYC) tell you everything you want to hear. They get all decked out and do a little dance for you to help you pick, all the while some how magically more and more money finds its way into their ‘coffers’. In the end you’re left all alone with nothing to show for it.

 I’m pretty sure voting for the first time will pretty much be like my first time sexually it will be over quicker than expected, 50% of those who participated will feel robbed and shortchanged, and I will just want to go back to bed and cry myself to sleep  foregoing the shower  as much as I can.