My Home-Girl Jen and Tonic, aka Ms New Booty 2012 is  getting Freshly Pressed. Check out the post that launched her into the stratosphere of success: You Are Now At Shopping Altitude. What can I tell you about Ms Jen and Tonic? She likes to drink and handle hamburgers. Personally I’ve always been a fan of women who can appreciate a good piece of meat between two buns and wash the shame all down with booze (scratch that, washing the shame down is my thing, it’s my unique innovation).

If it is possible I would like to  run an experiment with Ms Tonic, (whose name is also very similar to the name of a stripper I know – she spells it Ms Tonickz) to ascertain how being Freshly Pressed will change her. For some bloggers the sudden fame and experience is too much. They end up resorting to cocaine and random acts of fellatio to get back their lost high. But despite all that I am certain that Ms. Jen and Tonic will find a way to navigate through the perils that await her as endeavors to becomes WordPress most famed success stories.

Check Her Out
(not like that, unless it’s consensual)


You Are Now At Shopping Altitude