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I just want to be clarify my position on a few things. I feel that some of my sarcastic remarks in my post: A Sad Day for the BloggerIdol Contest 2012 & I divulge personal info may paint the picture that I to quote:

You are incorrect to assume that a woman with children is nothing more than a Mommy Blogger who does not blog about diverse subject matter.Please don’t define a woman by her reproductive status alone.

That wasn’t what I was trying to say and I want to take a moment now to state specifically what I meant.

The Numbers

There were a lot of blogs on parenting listed in the top 13 by my count 10 blogs which is about 77% of the blogs listed in their about page parenting as a central theme. That means on average out of every 10 blogs 8 will talk about or have parenting as one of their major themes. On the basis of statistics alone that raises 2 questions namely:

Question 1:

Is this number  77% reflective of the total number of applicants that applied, meaning  lets say  for the sake of argument that we had 100  applicants, my questions rephrased would be: were 77/100 applicants writers of blogs that discuss parenting. If that is the case then then I know statistically why I see what I see.  

Question 2:

If I had again 100 applicants and 20% of the total number of applicant wrote about parenting, then the question is why is there such a significant representation in the final 13  from a smaller fraction of the total sub-population?

If this was a statistical study other questions would be asked namely:

  1. Was there something about the scoring process that could  have lead to to this result?
  2. Were parenting blogger highly prevalent among the the judges ?
  3. Did the type of sponsors play a role in the selection of the final 13?

Of course that would require inferential statistics –  describe systems of procedures that can be used to draw conclusions from datasets arising from systems affected by random variation, such as observational errors, random sampling, or random experimentation. I  would have to find a model that would fit the data, like a chi squared test or a student t-test, etc but this is not that serious.

My Reasoning

Because I work a lot with numbers these kind of question are always on my mind. I want to point out that in my selection of 10 bloggers talking about parenting 2 of them are men who talk about being fathers.  I am saying this to be as specific as I can be that I am not targeting females or mommy bloggers.

Again the fact that there is a contest is a great benefit to the blogging community and bloggers everywhere. My observations were not meant as a slight to the contest, it’s sponsors, mommy bloggers, parents or anyone else. It was just an observation. It was also in the interest of fairness an  objectivity to share personal information with you all. This is the reason why I shared about my life and my son dying and my domestic partner leaving. Because of that course of events, I am kind of biased, biased in the sense that like attracts like. Since I am not a parent yet, its hard for me to relate deeply to things like being tired and covered in strange bodily fluids although for a period of time I did party hard with this bad ass chick in Vegas  well its not the same [that was a joke sort of she was pretty bad-ass]

Edward Hotspur was one of the only contestants I could relate to so when he was booted it was tough/sad for me. I mean I gave him a fiefdom in my imaginary kingdom. I nominated him my champion. And because of the fact that I received the mandate of the people and considered myself singular despot of reality, I bestowed upon Mr Hotspur the ranking of Sir Galahad. As my therapist will tell you I dont come off my meds and dive into lunacy for just anyone.

Edward Hotspur

In Conclusion

So in conclusion I am very thankful for the author of the Dumbsainthood blog for bringing this topic up and giving me this opportunity to clarify. I am not a reductionist in the sense that  I limit my definition of a mommy blogger is. If the more feminine of a gay couple decided to create a blog talking about raising his adopted kid I would consider that a mommy blog ad have no issue  with it. It would be hard for me to undertand it because I am not a parent and havent been around children since my sister was born about 25 year ago.

My issue was the statistical representation of  parenting blogs in the final 13. I may not have said that so clearly and my sarcastic comments may have painted a different picture but I hope I was clearer this time around.

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