I read an article of the Huffington Post entitled:

The 10 cliches Christians should Avoid Saying

I figured that it would be important to build on this momentum and share my list of

10 cliche Things Americans Should Avoid Saying

As Easy as Pie

While it does count unless your face is being forced down…

Do you remember you first time eating pie, I don’t remember anything easy about it, it requires a lot of  hand eye mouth coordination that frankly most of us don’t have given how fucking fat, depressed, and overworked we are

Fancy pants

Clearly appearances are  everything here. Have we forgotten that its not about the pants but really how one fills them? Clearly phrases like this lead to misguided children who judge others by the type of cloth they wear. Clearly we don’t judge a sausage by the type of casing used , you just by size and firmness and put it in your mouth, ultimately.

The Children are Our Future

Bullshit. We cut education to support wars and we put an honor students in jail.  Remember Diane Tran, the a 17-year-old honor student in Texas, was forced to spend the night in jail last week after missing too many classes, who helps support two siblings, has both a full time and part-time job. She said that she’s often too tired to go to school. Or there was the honor student that was roughed up by cops because she look like a robber. She was black. Then there was the girl who wrote an essay that her school enacted a method of teacher that was comparable to slavery and the principle forced her out (). Cmon now we continue to buy ipads and ipods, and assorted shits made with abusive child labor

Check out:


Get Your Dander up

How ironic, it ok to make fun of my fancy pants but when I get my dander up I’m disturbing the peace. Like Biggie says: I just keep my peace with my piece. If I fall asleep at my desk and my dander go up and upon waking to walk it off, I bump into a female co-worker, its sexual harassment. I also have an issue with the phrase: Rise and Shine. Someone told me once to rise and shine and I offer to add some shine to their face and they got offended.

Wear the Pants

Supposedly to wear the pants means to be in control. If I understand correctly  the pants cannot be fancy or special. What kind of pants? should there be blood stains of vanquished enemies?  that will consolidate your power.  Women and men both wear pants and now i see many dudes that wear their gf’s pants. Why do we base power on pants especially when they cannot be fancy or  filled?

What you see is what you get?

If that were true would I be filing restraining orders on ex-girlfriends? When is what I saw what I got? If this was true no one would be surprised when they got an STD and a decent number of time that Gonorrhea kind just sneaks in there?  I think that why its called the Clap, had to slap your hands you were so fucking shocked.

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