(DayDreaming here…..)

Basically it would be to temporarily change some one unique demographics.  Screw flying and shooting ejaculatory webbing out of my wrist and all that. So much of what we feel comes from our own unique experience. As great as that is we have to share the world with many people not all of which share our experience. We are criminally inept when it comes to empathizing with other people I feel this super power will help. Let me give you an example:

Women Hating Republican Politicians: Physiological Demographic Changes

I would take Republicans who vote against the interest of women and turn them into women, working hard but with crappy insurance premium and the dreaded blue waffle action going on.

NYPD: Ethnic Demographic Changes

I would make it mandatory for all cops to be able to read and fit into a single seat on the subway. I would make some cops black. I would make them all look like relatives and children of the ODB aka the OLD DIRTY BASTARD. Certain Black cops I would make them wear plain clothes more often to get shot and frisked when they are off duty.

Social Studies teachers: Reality Demographic Changes

Elementary social studies teachers are the quite blinkered.  I would give them various different ethnicity and make them work horrible labor jobs in Latin America, Africa some sweat shops in Asia.

This may work in areas that has been ravaged with hate for centuries like Northern Ireland, the Middle East, and who can forget that silent war between Dunkin Donuts and Krispy Kreme.

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