I have always imagined that Paradise will be a kind of library

- Jorge Luis Borges (my fav writer)

My family had little to no other family here and both my parents worked. When they couldn’t pay for any type of after-school programs I had to take my sister to the central library which was equi-distant between my elementary school and home. Where we were in Brooklyn, was close to the Prospect Park Zoo, The Botanical Gardens and the  Central public Library. Of those three places I spent an eternity at the library. I taught myself so many different things it made it hard to take school serious. I’m an awful student, in that I learn at home on my own, in my own way which means I disrupt the class when I get bored. Later one when I was learning to play guitar I discovered Frank Zappa and in someway someone else who was off and thought like I did.  So here are some Frank Zappa Quotes: