Questions: How much of you  is MrMary? Where do you get your inspiration from? What do you think about Social Media as a blogger that uses it ?


I was looking for a definition of social media from which to jump into this post. The best I could find was this from Wikipedia which gave me ample ideas:

Social media includes web-based and mobile technologies used to turn communication into interactive dialogue between organizations, communities, and individuals.

The Myth of Social Media

Nothing say estrangement like a French novel, in particular for me The Stranger by Camus

Don’t get me wrong through social media, you and I can engage in a ‘dialogue’ of sorts. You can come to this blog and you can read my thoughts as filtered through the character of MrMary. Some of you gratefully leave comments or click the like button. But is this a real dialogue ?  This is an exchange of information of course but no matter how much information  we exchange do we really know each other?

We have all the elements of a dialogue we have a written or spoken conversational exchange between two or more people. But what is interesting, is where this exchange is taking place? it is not in a lecture hall, it’s not at a debate, it is in the public sphere sort (as it can be Google’d and accessible to any and everyone) and that carries with it some interesting things.

The growth of Newspapers and journals, reading houses, salons in the 18th century onwards after the fall or diminishment of the monarchical powers (French Revolution, Revolution of 1848, Rise of Marxism, The Unification of the Federation of the Rhine, The Napoleanic Wars, The Bolshevik Revolution) created a public sphere were topics were discussed and criticized and analyzed.

In our time the public sphere is used to sell things: hamburgers, posturepedic beds, mail order Russian Brides, music, ideology, striped-toothpaste, religion, politics, and information of all sort. We are very often either in a state of either consuming or working to consume. The frequency of being in such a state to me is what takes away the human element out of dialogue.

In my head whats makes us consume as much as we do is the hard-wired social conditioning we are inculcated for the younger among us, since birth or since we started sitting in front of the TV. One cannot converse dialogue with a conditioned habit.

The Character of MrMary

Like Celine writing as Ferdinand Bardamu or Bukowski writing as Hank Chinanski and some other writers  I have obscured the line between myself and MrMary. MrMary is very perverse, derisive, and in many cases quixotic.

I think as human beings we are all these things, every one of us is a Don Quixote waiting to be challenged. Look at our reality television and how popular it is. Think back on the last time you got wasted at a wedding party, or the time your heart was broken and you did something dumb and regrettable.

MrMary being an exaggeration of me, helps the process of satirizing and being critical of things. It gives me just enough space to paint a picture, and then using a few rhetorical tool deconstruct what has been created to expose something.

My inspiration comes from my own life, what I see on daily commute as well the newspapers, headlines and blogs in general.  Hope that works

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