J-Lo has done it again she has set the world ablaze. This time not because of her poor singing skills, great dance moves or the tantalizing show of her callipygean contours. Actually the pulchritudinous ex-Mrs. Marc Anthony got a lot of flack for the shameless promotions of Fiat on stage.

I was immediately struck by how funny and hyporcitical it is that  participants of the American Music Awards, which is itself a giant shameless promotion of consumerism, excess, and a Mecca for self righteous nepotism, could call one of its participants out for shameless promotion. This would be like chastising and calling someone 3 rows down from you in a XXX theatre a pervert  because he got more ‘involved’ with the movies scenes than you did.

In the end of all this pointless and vituperative talking there is one clear winner who emerges. It’s not Pitbull who rols as understudy to a stripper pole finally paid off, or J-Lo, or FIAT, it is actually Pee Wee Herman. His big adventure into the world of public masturbation at an XXX theatre set the precedent for the AMA’s and other similar shows, namely indulging in self righteous ego stroking is only wrong when the others around have nothing as good to promote. Otherwise its all good fun.

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